Novelty Animal Cupcakes

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Dominique of  Sugarplum Cupcakes from across the pond over in England shared her masterful animal cupcake creations with us.  My favorite is the sheep.  The pearls woven together to simulate the wool is adorable.  She will be offering a “Novelty Cupcake Workshop” to share her tips and tricks:

Forgot to mention I host cupcake workshops in Suffok, UK. These four
characters are stars of my latest ‘Novelty Cupcake Workshop’. Haven’t
named them yet, but really excited about filling a whole class with
them in the New Year! – Dominique

Too bad we are on the wrong side of the pond to attend.  Register by contact her at her website contact form or on her Facebook page.

Sugarplum Cupcake

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2 Responses to Novelty Animal Cupcakes

  1. jo-lyn@jo-lyn's cup cakes n' candies

    these are so cute…i like the frog!

  2. kelly

    the bee and sheep!

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