The ‘What Would You Do’ Cupcake Dilemma

By on November 21st, 2011 . Filed under: News .

So I’m interested to know what you would do.

Here’s a story from England’s Daily Mail – “Cupcake Calamity” – about cupcake bakery owner Rachel Brown of Need-A-Cake, who offered a Groupon and had to bake an “astonishing” 102,000 cupcakes in response.

Apparently, Brown offered a dozen cupcakes for £6.50, instead of the usual £26, resulting in 8,500 orders…at which point Brown cut off the orders.

What’s your perspective – any sympathies?  A baker offering 75% off?  Groupon saying their offers are for an unlimited number of orders?  The angry customers, complaining that their orders were taking longer than they expected?


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5 Responses to The ‘What Would You Do’ Cupcake Dilemma

  1. Joelle

    OF COURSE I have sympathy for her… I’ve made errors in ads before, it’s that darn “human” thing getting in the way. Kudos to Rachel for sticking it out so long!

  2. jo-lyn@jo-lyns cutie(cup) cakes

    uuummmm…i would have done the same thing. no way no how could i keep up with that! lol course i am just starting out in my kitchen but still…

  3. Claudia Lozano

    This is the first time we’ll have a full size tree up, so we’re still experimenting! Right now there are about three cupcakes on the tree and I hope for more. ;)

  4. itsmewhoelse

    those groupon type things are only good for the company that sells them. IE groupon, team buy etc.

    The company that offers the service is so overwhelmed with orders that they have to hire unexperienced people to get all the work done.
    this could be awful if you have a hair coupon or any other service type of coupon. And can you imagine what kind of a job was done on all those cupcakes!

    I bought a groupon type certificate once and they did a chop job on my hair and the 5 min head massage was twirling thier fingers over my head twice. Some other lady was getting her hair died from the same promo and they messed it up.
    I have also heard about business having a real bad loss from these types of deals.

  5. Michelle

    I don’t feel bad for her. I don’t advertise on groupon or any similar site because I know I can’t handle the volume. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

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