Dreaming of a Cupcake Christmas

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For those of you already gearing up for Christmas, you will love this week’s giveaway.  It is sponsored byKamNCo and check out these adorable cupcake Christmas ornaments they create.  Many people call them “cupfakes” because although they look real, they are made with inedible ingredients.   I have one and am amazed by it’s realistic appearance.  And they are light enough to go on a children’s Christmas tree.  How unbelievable  would a whole tree decorated with these be?

One lucky winner will receive a cupcake ornament!  So sweet!  To enter this week’s giveaway, click on the comment area below and tell us how you love to decorate for the holidays.  Do you use cupcakes?  Or maybe you go for a traditional country look?  Tell us what you do!  One winner will be chosen on Monday November 28th.  Thanks KamNCo for sponsoring this giveaway! 

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54 Responses to Dreaming of a Cupcake Christmas

  1. Michael Honscar

    I like to keep things traditional.

    Get a big green christmas tree and decorate it with candy canes,christmas themed ornaments,lights & garland. Decorate the windows and doors in my house with life size Santas and Snowmen. And cap it all off with a beautiful fire in the fireplace and watch it all while sitting in a rocking chair.

  2. Elena

    we like to keep it traditional. I have two daughters. One likes lady bugs and the other cupcakes. Every year they pick out a new ornament so our tree is full of cupcakes and ladybugs =-)

  3. Judy R

    We like the traditional look and use only homemade ornaments on our tree.

  4. Lisa

    My tree has a wide variety of old and new ornaments…..old from when my husband and I were a child and new cupcake ones that I keep collecting ;)

  5. joy grubbs

    oh i want one!!!!! am i to late? i decorate with lots of garland and glitter ! i love all the shine and sparkle.

  6. jennifer c

    Last year I used cupcakes and other deserts on my tree. It looked adorable and delicious!

  7. Rachel Lassiter Towell

    My daughter and I sooo love cupcakes. We have been looking for cupcake ornaments to decorate with. So cute!

  8. Bethany

    I’ve slowly been accumulating cupcake ornaments. My tree is mostly a color theme with silvers, blues and purples.

  9. Stacy A

    I’m slowly working up my cupcake ornament collection, but I like to decorate my tree with ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. Some were gifts, some are ones I’ve bought on sale after the holidays, but a good portion are from trips my husband and I have taken together. However they were acquired though, each has it’s very own special memory.

  10. Lisa

    We generally do a traditional tree, with a red/white/silver ornament theme. This year, we will have 2 trees. One traditional, and a smaller one in the girls room that will be totally girly and decked out in my 18month’s old favorite thing – cupcakes!

  11. Elizabeth

    I recently bought new, fun shiny ornaments for my fiancee and I to share at his house! But I also have a box packed full of ornaments I created during my school years my parents saved. My favorite one? A red piece of string I glued in all different directions! :)

  12. candice

    I have been searching everywhere for cupcake ornaments for my tree this year husband says he wants just traditional tree I said cupcake tree to match my cupcake kitchen & for a tree as sweet as me lol

  13. michelle bardos

    we’ve always lived in apartments so this will be our first christmas in our house.

    I got some cupcakes ornaments last year and would love to get more! anything cupcake i can find, i gotta have!

    I’d love to win this and add to the tree

  14. Bari

    I decorate with snowmen – AND anything that looks edible – gingerbread men, candy canes, cookie ornaments, cupcake ornaments (I have lots and they’re old – made them before cupcakes were a big deal). A lot of cupcake ornaments I purchased years ago were very, very heavy and I couldn’t hang them on my tree – these look WONDERFUL; love the idea they’re lightweight.

  15. Allison Page

    I like to change it up every year! I choose different light and ornament colors and go to town! This year, I think we are going to do jewel tones, fuchsia, emerald green, purple, bright blue.

  16. Stephenie

    I decorate with everything I have loved in my life! Cupcakes are my new addiction!!

  17. Sam

    I decorate crazy! I have nightmare before christmas ornaments, cupcake ornaments, lots of glitter and my colors are black and purple and silver. My tree is black even. I also make my own ornaments to decorate with!

  18. Nichole

    We go out to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a nice tree. Then I decorate it with thousands of lights and a ton of ornaments that I have collected over the years. They range from traditional to fun. Almost every ornament has a story. That is how I love to enjoy Christmas. These adorable cupcakes would be a great addition. <3

  19. Gina B

    I do a tree in my kitchen of all things edible and those cupcake ornaments are just so perfect…. drool….. love them!!!

  20. Kristi Z

    I decorate with a variety old and new ornaments that I collect every year. I have some as far back as my first christmas as a baby. Ornaments are my weakness. Especially cupcakes and penguins! I would love to win an ornament!

  21. annalisa

    I use various colour patterns; this year, for example, I think I will use the blue&silver pattern and will use only ornaments with these two colors.

  22. Hannah

    My tree is decorated with a ton of different cupcake ornaments, hearts, and some special one of a kind pieces an artist friend made for me. The theme is black, white, light pink and red.

  23. ElaineB

    Our Christmas tree seems to get larger every year, so I am never ending buying new ornaments to put on it (which I totally don’t have a problem with). I like to keep it in my color scheme, which is blues, silver, and whites. They range from traditional colorful bulbs, to disney characters, to sports figures, and i love anything that falls into the edible catagory… especially cupcakes. I only have a few cuppies, would love to have another.

  24. Ashley F

    The living room and outside of my house are very traditional, with a TON of Nutcrackers! (My husband’s Mother has given him at least one nutcracker every year of his life, plus for other special occasions). However, I absolutely love to decorate my kitchen with peppermints and candies! I buy all shapes and sizes and put them in glass vases, etc. I also like to display decorative, non-edible cupcakes and desserts in cake displays on my kitchen island and counters! Winning a new cupcake for my display will be a really “sweet” treat! :o)

  25. Bernice

    Snowmen are my to go to decoration! They are everywhere – on the tree, around the house, on towels. I also love S’mores ornaments. I am beginning to get cupcake ornaments in the past few years to add to the collection.

  26. Elizabeth Filkins

    I’m not even concerned with the holidays, I’m too busy decorating my CUPCAKE themed NURSERY!! :-D

  27. Angela W.

    With two birthdays in December in our family, I try to put off decorating until the middle of the month. Then I use a lot of winter vs true Christmas-y things. So snowmen, trees, pine cones, etc are a big part of my decorating scheme. Cupcakes would be a great decorating scheme to help make the house look festive and still make the birthday boy and girl feel special. The nice part is that I can keep most of it up throughout the winter months here in snowy Montana! :)

  28. Penni G.

    We do a traditional tree. Decorated with homemade ornaments, that our children have made through out the years. As well as ornaments my husband and I made when we were children. I would LOVE to have a smaller tree decorated with “cupcakes” and other fun treats!

  29. Amy T.

    I love decorating for Christmas and my love of cupcakes has started to really show in the past few years. I made stockings for my kids with their favorite colors, and my stocking this year will be made out of cupcake fabric! I’ve started buying cupcake ornaments for our family tree and I even have a few holiday cupcake candle holders that have a place of honor on our mantle during the Christmas season.

  30. Jessica Stanley

    I decorate our tree with red & white candy theme ornaments. We have candy garland, lollipops, peppermints, a GIANT red & white swirl lollipop as the tree topper & of course multiple cupcake ornaments. The house is also decorated inside with red & white Christmas decor. Outside walk way has red & white swirl lollipops, & white icicles lights and the cutest Christmas CUPCAKE window decals that I found at our local dollar tree. My daughter has a small white fiber optic tree in her room with pink & purple cupcake ornaments. We love decorating for Christmas & Cupcakes of course :)

  31. PEZ

    Last year was the first time BF and I spent Christmas in our own home. BF picked out a Christmas tree shaped rosemary bush, and I made little food themed ornaments out of Sculpy. I also strung some lights on it, and it made the entire house smell like yummy rosemary!

  32. Robin Campbell

    We have large homemade decoration tree that has lights and traditional ornaments that we have made.
    When my daughter was born i started a 2nd tree because i started getting girly themed ornaments…but that 2nd tree is now a “Sweet treats” only tree, we have candy canes, lollipops, large “Wrapped” candies like peppermints etc on it. I only have one cupcake because it is the only one i have found…found another this year…it definately needs some cupcake company!

  33. Felicia

    This will be my first year decorating a tree with a cupcake theme….I can’t wait! One of these ornaments would be a nice addition!

  34. Susan Krauss

    I decorate my house in a combination of traditional and pink-girlie style!! That way everyone is happy!!!

  35. Mindi

    We do a new ornament every year and I always try and add one photo ornament to remember the year past!! We just started bakery under ground, so a cupcake ornament would be a perfect 2011 addition!!

  36. My T.

    every christmas each member of our family gets a new ornament that symbolizes something that happened in the past year. two years ago, we adopted a cat and got a cat ornament. last year, i was introduced to horses, so we got an equestrian themed ornament. this year, i have found a new love of cupcakes. :)

  37. Victoria F.

    We usually put up a REAL Christmas tree. Is there any other kind? They smell soo good! Decorate it with candy themed ornaments, lights, etc. Lots of lights on the outside of the house. Stockings on the mantle. And lots of Christmas scented candles throughout the house! I can’t wait for Christmas!! :)

  38. stephanie

    I have the normal big Xmas tree, but I also have a small table top one that gets only baking themed ornaments. I have gingerbread men, little whisk and batter bowl ornaments, and more. It’s so cute! :)

  39. Shannon ruhana

    I have the biggest pinkest tree with the brightest pink lights you’d ever saw. I decorate my entire home with ceramic cupcakes and gingerbread men and my tree is filled with sweet ornaments that look like candy, cakes, and so much more.christmas is about making children happy and my daughter (my little cupcake) is living in a sugar filled dream until Santa makes his arrival

  40. Candy

    Wow these are cute!! they’d be super adorable with little mini cupcake wraps around them

  41. Lauren

    aw, cute. for christmas, we get a tree and put multi-colored lights (usually) and some select ornaments we’ve collected. we then put out random snowmen and other christmas-y decorations.

  42. Bonnie

    I love to decorate cupcakes, as you can make each one different and even personalized. I just have fun with them!

  43. rini

    I like to decorate a whie stick tree with bright pinks, blues, greens, oranges, and purples. Mixing handmade ornaments (tiny cupcakes this year) with funky mod ones, and of course hiding a sparkling pickle in the mix! I am going to add lots of candy this year if I can find a way to keep the doxies out of my sweet stash!

  44. Nicole

    I love to decorate with cute Christmas villages, every year I add a new one! ;)

  45. Mandy

    Well, I guess we are traditional. We always get a fresh tree and then color code it. But the real fun is going and picking out the kids ornaments. We go to a xmass shop and spend at least an hour going around and trying to find the best ornament that represents what we did this year. This year will be our second sons first xmass so that will be fun. Then we find snow in the mountains and make snowmen and take pictures. Our house is filled with a lot of things that we make for xmass so our decorations are the same, things we’ve made.

  46. Bari

    Hmmm… thought I already entered, but here goes again just in case.
    I decorate with snowmen, snowballs and snowflakes – and LOTS of “edible-looking” handmade and manufactured creations – gingerbread people and stars, (LOTS of stars), cookies, candy canes, fabric cupcakes I made 30 years ago before cupcakes were cool, lollipops, gumdrops, peppermints – anything that looks sweet. <3

  47. Marie Lehron

    My children & I decorate with a small real tree. But this yr will be special as we are going to spend Christmas with my my Dad, their Grandpa who has been ill. Each yr I have bought them each a new ornament & had it personalized. This yr, we each have a personalized cupcake ornament to hang. We will be decorating for my Dad this year when we get there & each one of us will bring one of our ornaments to hang on his tree.

  48. Shawn Allen

    On my large skinny tree, I have been decorating with various types of all red ornaments and then white lights. Last year, I was so excited to find some cupcake ornaments, so I decorated my three small staggering height trees with cupcakes ornaments. And I have one Charlie Brown looking tree (lol) that I decorate for my dining room table with different types of kitchen utensils/candy ornaments. So far this year, I have 2 new cupcake ornaments to add to my tree!

  49. Shannon

    This is me and my boyfriends first Christmas together – so everything we have is simply what we’ve recently gotten. We put up our tree last night (White, with green and purple ornaments, our favorite colors) and I’m so happy with how it turned out! That, and I’m loving our topper, a gold glittery crown! Our parents gave us a few things to put up around the house, so we have a variety of lights, garland, candycanes, and a single reindeer (lol). My goal is to get an ornament for every year we celebrate Christmas together to add to our tree! A slightly traditional cute Christmas. :)

  50. Becki M.

    My kitchen is cupcakes year round! During the holidays I’m always excited to get out the Christmas cupcakes :). We have cupcake candles and of course cupcakes for the tree! My son’s favorite thing is to hang mommy’s “special” cupcakes on the tree, we only see them once a year and that’s his special job :)

  51. Virginia

    Growing up, we always had a traditional (real) tree with the ornaments we collected over the years and garland, icicles, and plenty of lights. Now that I am decorating for my own Christmas, I love using plenty of color, glitter, and all things bright, changing up the theme. This year, my co-workers surprised me with a few cupcake themed ornaments, so I am hoping to go in that direction! :)

  52. Allison A.

    I always go for the traditional red/green/white on my tree. I really don’t have a theme, but I do have a few big nutcrackers around the room. Outside is all blue. We just started that last year and I’m loving it so far!

  53. Ashley Shelton

    A cupcake Christmas is the only one for me! I am from Tennessee and while we like to keep things traditional and tender during the Holiday Season I am opting for a more sweet approach. This year I am decking my silver tree with sweet cupcake ornaments to remind us to be a little sweeter this Christmas!

  54. Brenda

    New beginnings and new traditions. I was just blessed with a new home this year after thirteen years of post divorce struggles and heartaches. My little house has a rounded pitched and pointed section that I am going to decorate with Christmas lights as a cupcake this year complete with a big cherry red glowing ornament on top!

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