Old Navy Cupcake Tee

By on November 13th, 2011 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

As I was doing a little shopping at Old Navy yesterday I noticed an adorable little cupcake tee for toddler girls.  If I had a little girl, I think I’d definitely have to splurge on this!  It would even make a cute shirt for their first birthday when they get their first bite of cupcake!

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3 Responses to Old Navy Cupcake Tee

  1. Heaven

    They had this shirt last season! My daughter has it. Or had it. Guess we will be buying a new one in a bigger size this winter :-)

  2. Laura P

    Why don’t they ever make these in adult sizes…we like cupcakes too :o)

  3. Ellyssa

    Dear people that are adults, of course they don’t make it in adult sizes, yah know why? CUZ WERE ADULTS!! Its okay to like to eat cupcakes its okay to like cute cupcake things for ur daugther. Its fine to buy cupcake cooking products, but to wear a lil girls toddler tee with a cupcake on it is just not right! GROW UP!! Its okay to wear a tastefully artsy cupcake tee, but this is just cutesy lil kid. Enough is enough! somebody call what not to wear!! STACEY AND CLINTON!

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