Shot Cakes

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Located in the Burlington Mall Food Court in Burlington Massachusetts, Shot Cakes are ice cream for cupcakes!  The idea behind Shot Cakes is simple, you combine ice cream and cupcakes for one delicious treat.  At Shot Cakes you choose the cupcake flavor for a selection of over 30 cupcakes and the decide the soft serve ice cream flavor you would like to fill your cupcake with.  Visit the Shot Cakes website to view the unique cupcake technology used to fill the cupcakes with ice cream.  All pictures are courtesy of my sister who was lucky enough to try these cupcakes and said that they were awesome!  For more traditional dessert fans, shot cakes also offers frosted cupcakes, as shown below.  Additional menu items include ice cream cones and mini shot cakes.

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  2. eileensideways

    please consider a store in the northshore mall, peabody, massachusetts. i will be your best customer.

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