Hidden Candy Corn Cupcakes

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Over the past few years we here at ATC have shared several candy corn cupcake ideas.  We started with the idea of dying the cupcake batter yellow and orange and layering them to look like a candy corn.  The next year we showed you that you could take any cupcake and frost it to look like a candy corn by piping white, yellow, and orange frosting on top. This year we take it one step further, dark chocolate cupcakes with a candy corn inside!  The Sugar Turntable came up with the fun and festive idea, as she says in her description, the dark chocolate cupcake combined with the candy corn colors just screams fall and Halloween!

The directions for how to make these awesome cupcakes are included in her original post but while at the website check out her other Halloween tutorials.  The tutorials include  instructions for the fun boneyard cupcakes shown to the right, would you believe marshmallows and pretzels are used to make them?

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  1. Liza

    These are awesome! I am having a Halloween party this weekend and was going to be making chocolate cupcakes anyway. This is so much more fun!

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