Scentsy Cupcake Warmer

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For all of you candle lovers out there or for those that just enjoy their homes smelling fragrant and wonderful Scentsy provides warmers in a vast array of colors, styles, and designs. These warmers contain a light bulb inside that heats pieces of fragrance bars and disperses amazing scents (of your choice of course, Scentsy warmers are similar to tart burners just without the candle and the mess). Last month Scentsy introduced this new mid-size warmer…a cupcake!


Thanks to a good friend of mine, I am a proud owner of this adorable Scentsy warmer! If you have never tried Scentsy I recommend that you do, it is wonderful! You can learn more about Scentsy or find a consultant in your area to purchase this cupcake warmer from by visiting

**Please note that when clicking to visit you may be directed to a page to choose your language, if this occurs click your preferred language and then from there you will be taken to their homepage.**

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  1. christina

    I have one and love it!

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