Cupcake Carousel

By on August 8th, 2011 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

This cupcake carrier carousel is designed like a giant cupcake that stores 24 cupcakes (3 stacking inserts hold 8 cupcakes apiece).  The inserts can also be used as serving stands.  This would be a great and compact way of taking cupcakes to a party or other event.

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4 Responses to Cupcake Carousel

  1. kendria

    I have this carrier because I saw it on here!!! It also comes in blue & brown. This is soooo cute for the cupcake lover! Only con to it is my cupcakes sanked in the holder by the time i got to delivery! so my suggestion is to add some type of grass at the bottom so it doesnt sank to the bottom

  2. Kennedy

    This is fabulous!!!

  3. Laura M

    ABC Distributing has these on sale now too!

    I have the original pink one and love it so much. The one thing is the cupcakes are difficult to get out!

  4. kendria

    Hey Laura,

    Put paper grass beneath the cupcake to prevent it front sinking to the bottom!!!

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