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Cool Interview with Crumbs Bake Shop

By on Thursday, July 28th, 2011

We just found an interesting interview with Mia Bauer, the cofounder of Crumbs Bake Shop at a cool new blog called No Joe Schmo. Crumbs Bake Shop churns out 1 million cupcakes per month at 36 different locations across the country! That’s a whole lotta cupcakes! They always roll out a new “Cupcake of the Week” and always feature a “Cupcake of the Month.” Our photo is of July’s S’mores Cupcake: chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting, topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and covered with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and graham cracker pieces. Yum! Who needs a campfire?

And, Crumbs is the only publicly traded stock for a cupcake company, so if you’re looking to invest…

Chili Cheese Fry Cupcakes

By on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Check out these elaborately-made chili cheese fry cupcakes from Jasmin at 1 Fine Cookie!  The “batter” is made of homemade french fries, and the topping is your favorite chili.  You can even add all the fixins…cheese, green onions and sour cream.  Now tell me, who said cupcakes were feminine?

Pier 1 Polka Dot Cupcakes Towel

By on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

I love this polka dot cupcakes towel from Pier 1 Imports that I was given for my birthday.  It’s bright and cheery and looks great hanging on the handle of my stove.  If you want your own cupcake towel you can buy the red like I was given for $7.16.  There is also a blue sparkler cupcake towel for only $3.38.

Fruit Pie Cupcakes

By on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Next time you’re at your local Farmer’s Market, pick out some fresh summer fruit, like peaches, strawberries or blackberries and try making one of these scrumptious-looking treats.  These cupcakes were made by baking half-size vanilla cupcakes in foil wrappers, filling the rest of the wrapper with fruit pie filling, and topping it off with a latticed pie crust.  Go here to get recipes for making homemade pie filling as well as more tips for turning your favorite pie into a cupcake.  It sounds wonderful!


Raspberries & Champagne…Blueberries & Chocolate!

By on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Living in Upstate New York this time of year, we’re blessed with an abundance of fruits, like raspberries and blueberries. 

Inspired, I paraded through the Internet to locate recipes that have me headed straight for fresh picking tomorrow morning early so that I can head to the kitchen.

How about Raspberry Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream Frosting?  Wow!  But with only 4T of champagne in the frosting recipe…I better pass along my personal note that you can toss a few fresh raspberries into a flute of champagne et voila!  It’s time to have over your girlfriends in spades.

For the blueberries…did you know that freezing fresh blueberries for a few hours will stop them from sinking in the cupcake batter while baking?  Another idea is to dip them in flour, also to prevent sinking.  I settled on Chocolate Blueberry Cupcakes with a recipe calling for both bitter and sweet chocolates, goat cheese, and cinnamon.  Who needs a partner with this much comfort in a cup?

Enjoy the fresh pickings!

It’s a Girl!

By on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

What a great idea! Gender revealing cupcake filling! And what pregnant woman isn’t in the mood for a cupcake? Amanda Johnson of Fargo went to her ultrasound like any other expecting woman, but instead of listening to the news directly, she asked the technician to write the baby’s sex on a piece of paper, which she then delivered to her … baker! Amanda then invited her friends and family over for a cupcake party. Everyone simultaneously took bites of their cupcakes, not knowing what color the filling would be, and then people started squealing, mouths full of pink frosting. It’s a girl!

Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper

By on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

For my birthday I was given Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper.  The cute children’s story is about a sad plain vanilla cupcake who with the help of a candle searches for a topping that will make him be as fancy as all his brother and sister cupcakes.  The end of the book includes a recipe for Deliciously Plain Vanilla Cupcakes and Butter Cream Frosting. The book which is published by Disney and Hyperion Books is available on several websites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target with prices ranging from $8.24 to $13.49.