Cool Interview with Crumbs Bake Shop

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We just found an interesting interview with Mia Bauer, the cofounder of Crumbs Bake Shop at a cool new blog called No Joe Schmo. Crumbs Bake Shop churns out 1 million cupcakes per month at 36 different locations across the country! That’s a whole lotta cupcakes! They always roll out a new “Cupcake of the Week” and always feature a “Cupcake of the Month.” Our photo is of July’s S’mores Cupcake: chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting, topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and covered with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and graham cracker pieces. Yum! Who needs a campfire?

And, Crumbs is the only publicly traded stock for a cupcake company, so if you’re looking to invest…

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  1. Megan

    Thanks so much for sharing my article! Love, love, love All Things Cupcake :)

  2. CupcakeSerenity

    You are so welcome Megan! It was a treat! ;)

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