Inflatable Cupcake Carrier

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My mom spotted this cupcake find at Marshalls and I am curious about this The Inflate & Take Cupcake Carrier.  The carrier costs $30, similarly priced to other cupcake carriers on the market except with this one, you aren’t left with a big bulky plastic carrier to bring home.  You are left with a cupcake carrier that you can deflate to a smaller package.  Created by Silvermark, the website description states:

Your cupcakes travel in style and arrive unharmed and smudge free at a birthday party, office event or for any occasion where cupcakes are welcome. The WOW is when you are done; the Inflate & Take®; deflates for neat, compact storage. The trays stack and attach to one another so multiple layers can be combined to increase the capacity. The Inflate & Take® accommodates cupcakes of various sizes—even supersized cupcakes and muffins are held firmly in place.

Set contains 2 trays, each with a 12-cupcake capacity, and a separate storage lid. Each tray measures 21˝x 17˝x 4˝ when inflated. The set also includes a hand pump, carrying strap and storage case. Available in clear, blue or red.

I’m left wondering how the cupcakes are after being transported in this inflatable carrier? Is it like giant bubble wrap for your cupcakes? Would you buy this product?

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