Cupcake gebakken in een schelp!

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More in my week-long series, using foreign blogs for summer cupcake ideas.  Yesterday, we were speaking Spanish for super cute, beach umbrella cupcakes.  Today, we’re working in Dutch to figure out baking cupcakes in sea shells!

Sea Shell Cupcakes

Even if you’re land-locked in South Dakota, you can find sea shells for this recipe at cooking shops.  Primarily used for dishes like Coquilles Saint-Jacques, leave it to Carola Damen in Boskoop, Netherlands to think to use sea shells in lieu of cupcake wrappers!

And, take note that Carola starts the cupcake by placing an edible “pearl” under the cupcake batter and ends with chocolate sea shell decorations on top.  Carola makes use of edible body paint to achieve her silvers and golds.

If anyone speaks Dutch and would care to help us understand even more about the recipe, please let us know.

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2 Responses to Cupcake gebakken in een schelp!

  1. kiki

    Funniest thing ever to see a Dutch header of your blog on my bloglovin! I just thought i was mistaking.. Lol :D
    (If you need any help on translating, let me know. Just in case the owner of the website can’t ;))

  2. Carola Damen

    Here’s the owner of the blog about the seashell. How nice to see the shell on your site. Thanks!
    What exactly do you like to know about the shell? I can translate the site if you like to. :)

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