Flower Power!

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What’s cute, useful and shaped like a flower?  Why, it’s this week’s giveaway! 

This flower tower is being given away to one lucky reader by ATC sponsor The Smart Baker.   It’s reusable, adjustable and can fit up to 48 regular size cupcakes (or 80 minis) or many other delicious treats.    The Smart Baker can also help you to create your own tower design.   Looking for a specific shape?  They can help!    

To enter this giveaway, click on the comment area below and tell us your favorite item from The Smart Baker OR tell us what tower you would love to create.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, July 18.

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49 Responses to Flower Power!

  1. Allison A.

    I love the 4 Tier Holiday Tower! I love anything having to do with Christmas, and one of these towers would be SO hand for that, or ANY holiday!

  2. Annette D.

    Haha! I was going to say the Holiday tower too! It is so cute! But I also really like cake pop holders you can add to the round and square towers too. Those are awesome!

  3. sarah wall

    I would love to win the flower tower as it will go lovely with the cake pop stand I ordered from the smart baker x

  4. Connie May

    I love the Flower Tower that it’s white and you can add any color cupcakes to it and not locked in to something set. I love that it’s tipped just enough to see the top of the cupcake and get the full affect of the decorations. Perfect for any holiday/celebration!

  5. Laura Janelli

    I have been wanting a cupcake tower forever. This flower shaped cupcake tower is great. I would love to make my coconut cupcakes and put them on display!

    Coconut Cupcakes

    Chef Laura at Home

  6. Nicole C.

    Love the 3 tier cake pop stands & this flower tower, so cute!!

  7. Jeana B.

    I love the create your own tower!! What a fantastic idea, gives you the chance to make a tower to your specific needs & desired design. I love it!!

  8. Tina C.

    I would order the flower tower even if it wasn’t part of the giveaway…too cute!!!

  9. Julie S.

    I would love to win the 5 Tier Square Cupcake Tower! I could use it to display the cupcakes for my sons wedding that I am making cupcakes for and also for other events that I make them for. It’s gorgeous!

  10. Christina F

    I like the 3 tiered square cake pop stand! The cupcake stand is adorable, love that it holds soo many or even would look nice with just a few!

  11. Adrian r

    I love the measurement conversion towel! That is the perfect addition to a bridal shower gift or for a new cook.


  12. Heather K.

    I really like the 5 tier square cupcake holder!! But would love to win the flower tower!!!

  13. Kristin V

    My favorite stand is the 5 teir square one because i think it was a classic and elegant look to it.

  14. Lindy D.

    I l-o-v-e the three-tier flower cupcake tower. Very cute! It matches the theme for most of the parties/events I am baking for this summer and fall! :)

  15. Tsippy

    I love the flower tower and the cake pop stand too!

  16. Judy R

    I really love the 5-tier square one.

  17. Allison

    I love this cupcake stand! It’s such a great mix of being cute yet being simple enough to go with cupcakes of any design or color palette! This would be perfect for the surprise birthday party that I’m planning on throwing in a few months. The cupcake stand is my favorite of the smart baker products, but the cake pop stands are so great too. I’m a big fan of the square ones and like the clean lines and concentric design. I may need to make cake pops AND cupcakes for the party now!

  18. DENISE

    The HOLIDAY TOWER by far is my favorite!!!! My kids and I always bake cupcakes for christmas and take them to Grandmas’s… this tower would be perfect as a center piece on the dinner table.

  19. sheila

    I LOVE the Holiday Tower! I host Christmas for my family every year, and this would look awesome on the dining room table with some festive cupcakes!!

  20. Judy / The Island Broad

    The 5 Tier Round Cupcake Tower would be my favorite. I imagine what the 4 tier flower tower will look just as splendid.

    I cannot even begin to describe ALL the possibilities! I make faux cupcakes and sell them on etsy so this would be a PREFECT way to display them. I could make one double and one triple cupcake display. I could even put garland around the edges for Christmas. Trick it out w/ some cameo silhouettes of some creepy old people. Drape some faux lollipops w/ some twinkling lights for birthday parties. (shivers) So exciting LOL

    Oh and that cake pop stand is to die for!

  21. Stephenie

    I love the 5-tier towers! I could work with any of the different shapes.

  22. Jayne

    I just ordered the square 3 tier cake pop stand. Just got a email that it was shipped! Can’t wait to get it. Would love this flower stand to compliment it!!!

  23. Allison Page

    I love love love!!! the flower shaped tower!!! I do lots of olittle girls’ birthday cupcakes, and that would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!

  24. jeannette

    I love the 5 tied square stand and the cake pop stand!! Amazing simple and elegant!!

  25. Cristina

    Loved the 5-tier squared tower! Might even be ordering one soon! The flower one is adorable as well! Would LOVE to see a star shaped one!

  26. Sherilyn

    Oooh I like the 3 Tier Square Cake Pop stand as I have never made cake pops before and that looks like great incentive. Just made some cherry cola cupcakes yesterday! They turned out quite sweet but everyone else liked them. I used a cherry coke zero but thinking a regular cherry coke for the next batch will bring out the flavour more.

  27. Valerie Frost

    I would love to showcase my finished chocolates on your 3 tier stand. I would love design a black and fire-y red (perhaps each tier have flames!)mini cake/ cupcake / truffle stand to match my colors and logo.

  28. Lora Joy

    I would love the square towers! I love it all!

  29. Debra Fillingim

    I love all the treat holders but I must say my favorite is the conversion apron. As mush as I know and do, I continually question myself on my conversions…How many cups is a pint again? It is something that is just a mental block for me!

  30. Lindsey

    Love the classic look of the 5-tier square holder. I would love to see some varaition of cupcake pedastals, even bejewled with little crystals!!

  31. AmandaJ

    I liked the towers and the pre-cut parchment is a nifty idea, but i gotta have that Desserts on Board magnet!!!! Love it!

  32. Alicia summe

    I love the holiday one. I would love to see a cupcake shape stand

  33. Trina

    I love the flower tower! So cute!

  34. Brittany

    I love the flower cupcake stand, but I adore the basic 5-tier square stand. You can use it for any occasion.

  35. Melissa G

    I would love the 5 Tier Square Cupcake Tower! And also the “Desserts onboard” Magnet would be pretty awesome too!

  36. crazy bunny lady

    I love the flower power cupcake tower, as well as the desserts on board stand. Very cute!

  37. Terrie S

    I just love this stand!! Its such a cute design but at the same time it holds so many cupcakes! I just adore it!!!

  38. Kelly

    Love the 5 Tier Cupcake Towers! Think the 3 Tier Flower Tower is great too; they would make my cupcakes look even more pretty ;-) If I would create my own Cupcake Tower it would be in the shape of a star cause I love stars!

  39. Heather B.

    Love the 5 Tier Round Cupcake Tower! It goes with everything and would be great at parties!!

  40. Monique

    I would create a star shaped tower. Then I would decorate cupcakes with a space theme.

  41. Melissa Filosa

    love the smart baker products!

  42. Mechele Johnson

    I love the 5 tier Round Tower. It is classic and could be tweeked to however you wanted it to look. You could cover it in awesome paper, ribbons, etc….It would look great with a matching mini cake on top.

  43. Amber A

    I am in LOVE with the flower tower! So simple yet so cute!

  44. Tiffany House

    I absolutely LOVE the flower tower! Such a cute design! I can use it for any occassion!

  45. Dawn Beaird

    I LOVE the 5 tier square! It’s by far my favorite!!! Love all the stands tho!

  46. Alyssa

    I would LOVE a stand hot pink, houndstooth, with any type of glowing lights! PARTAYYYY!

  47. Kim

    Great cupcake and cake pop stands! Love the square tiers stands. I would love to have one created the shape of a surfboard or banana leaves tiers. Cheers!

  48. Debbie

    What do I love from the Smart Baker!?! The flower tower of course!!

  49. Becky

    The little desserts on board magnet is cute, and I like the square tower, but I’d definitely take the flower tower!!!

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