A Cupcake for My Mom

By on June 26th, 2011 . Filed under: Bakeries, Cupcake Ideas .

With a Rose, Mother

I’m glad that there are such places as La-Tea-Da Tea Room, where women and girls can get together, put on hats and frilly bits, and sit down to tea in proper teacups.

I have such fond memories of my mother serving various desserts on pretty, china plates, sitting with her lady friends at the diningroom table, and sharing light laughter.

This particular post is one to say thank you to my mom for those memories.  I selected this cupcake with a red rose on top as a way of sending a flower.  And, for the photograph, I paired it with the sugar and creamer from one of her dear friends, Dora, who has since passed.  Thanks, Mom. xx

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