You Pick Your Prize!

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Happy Monday loyal cupcake fans! It’s giveaway time!!

 This week’s giveaway comes to you from ATC sponsor, Cake Sugar Designs.  They specialize in personalized edible cupcake toppers.   Actually, these toppers can be put on brownies, cakes and cookies too!  They are made with thin sheets of icing and food grade inks.   I am amazed by the variety of choices in their online shop.  And here is the best part- Cake Sugar Designs is giving away 24 toppers this week!  And the winner will get to pick whatever design they like best! 

So here’s how you enter: first check out Cake Sugar Designs and pick out your fav design.  Then come back to ATC, click on the comment area below and and tell us what is was and how you would use it.   One sweet winner will be chosen on Monday, June 27th.

Make sure to fan them onFacebook  and follow them on Twitter too!


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37 Responses to You Pick Your Prize!

  1. Becky

    I think the frogs are too cute!

  2. Mary Ann

    so cute…my kids would love the Mickey and Cat in the Hat…

  3. Melissa Foxwell

    Def. The monogramed toppers for my birthday july 12 or my bridal shower :)

  4. Becki M.

    Oh the Cat in the Hat! My mom is a librarian, I make cupcakes as prizes for different contests they have! These would be perfect!!

  5. Amy

    4th of July Stripes!
    We have 4 boys, they are active in Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts! The 4th is a BIG thing around here & in their Scouts. These would be a great topper to my cupcakes this year!

  6. Zahra R.

    I love the bride on cake! Definitely would like something similar to this on my wedding cake :)

  7. Shawn Allen

    I like the Valentine’s Day heart ones. These can be used for many different occasions. Yes, they are great for Valentine’s Day, but they would also be great on cupcakes for anniversaries, Mother’s Day, wedding showers, and birthday cupcakes for special loved ones! There are so many options for this pattern, that’s what makes these my favorites!!!

  8. Amanda

    They are all super cute! My fav is the bride and groom circles. Love them!

  9. Amanda W.

    I adore the Birthday Owl designs because owls are very “in” this year and are SUPER cute! I think they would be perfect for anyone’s birthday party, especially my own!

  10. Honnah

    Absolutely LOVE the monster trucks! My boyfriend has been spoiled year round with my baking adventures, from valentines day to christmas. However, his birthday is coming up in August- and id like to surprise him with a real treat! His favorite, Monster Trucks!

  11. elizabeth

    Love the blooming flowers! Perfect for my bridal shower!

  12. Sourkraut

    I would want to design my own girl superhero. What a cute idea! I could use some modeled after me on some birthday cupcakes for myself.

  13. Julie Weller

    I LOVE the Jungle Animal Trio! I have a baby shower coming up this summer and those would be adorable on the cupcakes! ♥

  14. Rachael

    My husband is currently serving his second tour over in Iraq and the “Army Boy” design would be perfect for “Welcome Home” cupcakes!

  15. Laura

    I like Pirate boy! Since I have 3 of them!

  16. Nicole C.

    Wow, so hard to pick just one!! I would go with the Snoglobes… yes, it’s way too early for X-mas but I’m a sucker for anything holiday themed!

  17. sheila

    I love the Jungle Animal Trio!!

  18. Manette Gutterman

    I love the in the army design and I would use them for his upcoming birthday! He would really love those!

  19. Donna Russell

    I love the Valentines Day design, I would use to tell my husband how much I love each and every day

  20. Annie

    For the summer I will be at sea camp for 3 weeks scuba diving and sailing boats. I love Nautical pink fun because that would make a great first impression on a cupcake or treat for my future room mates and great friends.

  21. Heidi Anderson

    Totally lovin the Strawberry Shortcake one! It would be perfect for my daughter’s first birthday,

  22. Cristina

    All of them are adorable! If I must choose though, I would definitely go with the Love Cupcakes. These would go perfect with my baby girl’s cupcake themed first birthday party in a couple of weeks. : )

  23. Monica E

    I’d like the “pretty skulls’ or ‘ barbie silouette’.

  24. Amber E

    I love the Mickey toppers! My son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so I would throw him a party just for the heck of it!

  25. Josmauri

    The birthday owls have my heart. I would probably just use them for my own birthday cupcakes :x

  26. Melanie Couch

    Wow! It was not easy to pick one design but my son’s 16th birthday is the next party here so I pick the Monogram Designs. His theme for the party is red, black and white and those would be perfect on top of cupcakes with the letter B for his name!!! :)

  27. Angela S.

    I love the Disney Princess toppers! But I actually know someone who would love them more than me, my two year old niece whose birthday is coming up in September. This years birthday party theme: Princesses! How perfect!!

  28. Kahlia R.

    I absolutely adore the mickey and minnie cake toppers I think they would fit in brilliantly for the Mickey/Minnie birthday party I’m throwing for a coworkers twins she actually just got out of a battered womens home and is just getting on her feet! So I’m pretty sure these will zest up the event! She so deserves it! ♥♥

  29. Jessica Gray

    I LOVE this idea! My twins 1st birthday party is coming up in August and I’m going to do a “prince” and “princess” theme. I would totally custom make their face and then put a yellow crown on for my son and a pink tiara on for my daughter!! I would put Happy 1st Birthday with their names on it and then they could be favors for the guest. It would be perfect!!

  30. meghan

    I’d love to win the design your own superhero toppers. My son is a huge superhero fanatic & this would be great for his 5th birthday in August.

  31. Jessica

    My 4 year old son is obsessed with robots! They are super cute!

  32. Krystal

    Barbie Girl Silhouette for my bday :)

  33. Krystal

    I don’t know her though think Kahlia R. should win!

  34. Christina

    I really like monogram design in the bridal section, that way even the cupcakes celebrate the happy couple!

  35. Heather M.

    I love the Turtle Names! I think I’d make a batch of vanilla cupcakes with fluffy pink frosting and stick those cuties on top then put one in my daughter’s lunch as a surprise!

  36. Amy T

    So many cute ones to choose from! I’d either do the Pirate Boy for my little boy’s 4th birthday, or I’d do the Star Wars birthday for my own!! Or my husband (his birthday does come before mine….). Thank’s for the link! This is a great resource!

  37. AJ

    Wow, all beautiful
    I love the lacy circles design. My sis is a henna designer this would be a great topper if she were to host henna party.

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