flag – baked by melissa

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  1. christopher boudewyns

    BTW – for the cupcake art, you have to actually ASSEMBLE THE “ART” YOURSELF!! I found this out the hard way today when I went to pick up the cupcake art I purchased for my daughter’s birthday party. We designed a 225 cupcake piece, and when I picked it up, instead of getting a 15×15 square with the design, they gave me several smaller boxes and said “There you go.” To which I said, “excuse me?? I thought I was getting the “art” I designed, submitted and paid for, but I have to do all the work myself?” They said, “Well, yeah…”

    UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! At $185 for 225 cupcakes, it’s not cheap, and I kinda figured I was paying for the work to assemble it besides the cupcakes themselves, which frankly are, meh… ok. Cute, but… meh.

    When I asked about a display board, or something to put them on while assembling them, I was told, “Oh, we don’t supply anything like that… Just put them on any flat surface.” Well, that’s fine if I were planning to spend the afternoon assembling a cupcake piece I paid to be assembled to begin with, but I actually have other things to do in getting ready for a 3-year-old’s birthday party. I was told, “Gosh, I’ve put them together before, and gee, it’s kinda fun, and should really only take you 20 or 25 minutes…” Again, EXCUSE ME?? Why am I paying you for a product I have to assemble myself when it’s assumed by creating the online “cupcake art” that the final product would come as designed.

    NEVER AGAIN! Never again will I spend money at BBM. We live next door to them, and we frequented the shop from time to time, but today will be the last purchase I make from this store.

    The thing that kind of threw me for a loop was the “Oh, well…” attitude I was met with by 3 of the employees. When I said, “No, seriously, what am I supposed to put these on to present a birthday cake to my daughter? Seriously??” The girl at the counter just shrugged and rolled her eyes at me.

    NEVER again.

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