Cupcake-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Cupcake Invitations

Are you planning your child’s next birthday party and feeling like you’re running out of creative party ideas?  Why not follow the cupcake trend and throw a cupcake-themed celebration?  Cupcakes are a staple at birthday parties these days, and you can extend the cupcake-theme to the invitations, decorations, and games, too! Here are my personal favorites:

Games: Pin the candle on the cupcake and a cupcake toss (using beanbags and cupcake pans)
Invitations: Buy or make your own cupcake-shaped invitations and include confetti inside the envelope.
Decorations: Use a brown table cloth (cupcake batter) topped by a smaller pink or blue table cloth (frosting) and sprinkle confetti or sequins on top of this (sprinkles).
Food: Set up a cupcake-decorating station complete with candies, sprinkles and other cupcake toppings.

Want some more ideas?  Look at these fun suggestions from past ATC posts: a cool cupcake centerpiece, some more masculine cupcake ideas if you have a little boy, cupcake party supplies (includes table cloths, napkins, and treat bags), and personalized cupcake toppers.


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  1. Ashley cupcake

    i love cupcakes so this is my birthday theme this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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  5. Rawda

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    + you must wear a coulorful dress

  6. joe

    I love cupcakes can’t wait till my party

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