How Charitable is Your Cupcake?

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How Charitable is Your Cupcake?

I can’t remember a school or church bake sale that didn’t include cupakes.  I fondly remember the ladies of my home church for their baking.  And who doesn’t have memories of counting all the shiny change after a bake sale – didn’t it seem like riches?

Publicly traded Crumbs Bake Shop has partnered with the non-profit “Success for Kids” to help at-risk children.  Their May 2011 Initial Public Stock Offering was a reported $66M, and it’s currently trading at $12.90/share.  (Look forward to a future post on just how much of that is going to be donated to the charity — I’m on it!)

The Cupcake Kids raises money through cupcake sales to help a ministry in Uganda, Africa.  It’s an international idea by kids for kids through cupcakes that has raised nearly $50k.

And, on an everyday basis, community groups, school groups, and individual people use the power of cupcakes to bring people closer together through events like a “Random Act of Cupcake.”

Looks like a little cupcake goes a long way.

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