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Guess what I’m doing right now. Yep. I’m eating a piña colada cupcake from the Cupcake Fetish Bakery in Sanford, Maine for breakfast.

Hello. My name is Robin and I have a cupcake fetish.

I have just found my new favorite cupcakery. Owners Amy and Jen were so gracious and enthusiastic, it was like stepping into a cupcake dream. And because we purchased a dozen rock star cupcakes, the dream is still going strong. My friends and I sampled and shared the cupcakes and argued over which ones were the best. My votes were for the pink lemonade or the red velvet revolver, but other folks were raving about the “car bomb” — chocolate stout cake with a ganache center, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting and a maple whiskey drizzle. This cupcake was long gone before I could get my fork into it, but those who were fortunate enough to get a bite were raving about it for hours. My husband was particularly taken by the “MegaDough,” a vanilla cupcake with eggless cookie dough filling, topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and a cute little chocolate chip cookie. But none of the cupcakes disappointed anyone, so if you live in New England, you must make a trip to Sanford. If you don’t live in New England, you should move there. These cupcakes are that good. Plus, winters aren’t as bad as people say.

Pink Lemonade

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8 Responses to Cupcake Fetish Bakery

  1. Jessica

    Its in sanford maine, not stanford. :)

  2. cupcakeSerenity

    Ack! Thank you Jessica! I fixed it! :)

  3. Amanda

    We are friends with owner Amy. My favorite by far is the Megadough. My husband is a fan of the S’more cupcake-not sure it’s actual name but you can guess what’s in it. Try that if you are up again and she is offering it. There is also a to-die for white chocolate cranberry cupcake that she makes closer to Christmas-amazing!

  4. cupcakeSerenity

    Oh my gosh! Chocolate Cranberry! I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. CupcakeGirlAmy

    Thanks so much for stopping in yesterday!! Very exciting to have a celebrity stop in lol!!! Glad you enjoyed them ! You have officially become a rock star just like the Megadough!!

  6. cupcakeSerenity

    No Amy, thank YOU! I will be back soon! Happy Cupcaking! :)

  7. debbie gilbert

    Hi, I was on your website,cupcake fetish and I was wondering if you do cupcakes for baby showers. Would prefer mini ones if can bake them. This would be for a baby shower for June 10. If I should stop in and talk to you about it that would be great and get a chance to sample one too.

  8. Anggie B

    I a New Hampshire girl myself, but now living in Albuquerque, NM and working at Cake Fetish here! I can’t wait to head up to visit you next time I’m home… maybe we can trade t-shirts or schwag!?

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