Cupcakes in Your Kitchen

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I am the queen of my kitchen and I am always looking for great ways to spruce it up! Sometimes something as small as a new pot holder or new dish towel will do the trick. Next time I am in the mood to shake things up in my kitchen I know exactly where to do — Curry Kay Design’s Etsy Shop!

She specialized in whimsical screen printed kitchen accessories: aprons, dishtowels, totes and potholders. She has quite a few different cupcake patterns and color combination’s. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Bridget Apron – Light Green with Red Cupcake


Merrion Market Tote- Red with White Cupcake


Potholders -Green with Pink Cupcake and Pink and Green Striped Accent Fabric


Dishtowel- Yellow with Red Cupcake

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2 Responses to Cupcakes in Your Kitchen

  1. Kell

    Hey didn’t All Things Cupcake do a review of Curry Kay Designs last year? It’s basically the same post, I remember the aprons and dishtowels!

  2. Diane

    First of all, let me complement you on your great blog! I am an artist in Southern California. I am skilled in painting and creating cupcakes and cakes out of sculpture and paintings.
    I would love the opportunity to show you my art. . Life is colorful and I love making it even more so, even in the garden.
    Please take a look at a chocolate cake painting that I painted and put in the background of a succulent cake and sedum cupcake I made for a contest. I sculpted the other two cupcakes out of dimensional frosting and added a butterfly and glass cherry. I am #20. I would love your feedback! I would love it if you could get your followers to vote for me. Sweets rule and right now I am in second place. We cannot let cupcakes and cakes come in second!
    Thanks, Diane Rieger Thanks for your support and I look forward to hearing from you!

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