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What are the most essential supplies when baking?  Cupcake liners?  Cookie cutters?  Food coloring?  Well, ATC sponsor, Simply Caked, has all of those items and so much more.   These beautiful Spring Tulip liners have to be my favorite ones of the season!   

This week Simply Caked is giving away 300 brown cupcake liners to three lucky winners.  To enter this giveaway, please visit to their website and tell us what was your favorite liner or baking cup in the comment area below.  Three winners will be chosen on Monday, May 23rd. 

Make sure to checkout their Facebook page and their blog too!


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70 Responses to Be a Winner!

  1. Kay

    I love their Spring Tulip Cupcake Liners!

  2. Cathy

    I am stuck between the spring tulip liners and the leopard liners…. So fashionable and versatile!!!

  3. Jenni

    I love the animal print cupcake liners!

  4. Jennifer

    I like the pink polka dot liners because I just love polka dots! lol But the damask ones are nice too for a classy cocktail party.

  5. sheila

    My favorite is the pink and brown polka dots!

  6. Amanda

    I love the pink and brown polka-dot liners!

  7. Brittany

    The Spring Tulips are great and would work well for a lot of occasions.

    I also love their tulip cups. The higher shape can definitely add a different emphasis to your cupcake.

    Love the store!

  8. Tori

    I love just the basic black liners & the fun zebra liners!

  9. Lisa A.

    I am sucker for anything Damask, so the Black Damask are my favorite!

  10. Tara

    I love the purple solid cupcake liners. Simple I know, but the perfect shade of purple for my upcoming wedding in September….I have yet to find this exact shade!

  11. Ellie

    I love the damask ones! I am sooo going to order some liners from here when I get a chance! :)

  12. Sierra

    I LOVE the zebra print liners! They would look perfect with cupcakes with bright pink icing.

  13. annalisa

    I love the red swirl cupcake liners. So cute!

  14. Cindy

    The brown ones are my all time favorites, no matter what color batter, they are all uniform!!

  15. Tracey Noah

    I do like the brown and close second is pink with brown polka dots.

  16. Amber McCasland

    OMG I absolutely love the leopard cupcake liners!

  17. Tristan

    I have to stick with the tride and true plain red, white, and blue ones. I am a Army wife living an an Army town. :o) Those three colors are the most beautiful colors to me!! Any cupcake would look amazing in them!!

  18. Amber E

    I love the wild style zebra liners! They are so fun!

  19. Amanda W.

    I am WILD about the animal cupcake liners, especially the zebra print! I think these would be great for a birthday party at the zoo!

  20. Lindsay C

    Simply Caked has the best liners. I love the Spring Tulip Liners the ones I won last time! <3

  21. Angela S

    I’ve never seen anything like the Spring Tulip cupcake liners! So pretty and delicate! Tulips are by far my favorite flower because of their multiple colors and elegance, just like cupcakes!

  22. lady_funk

    I honestly love the brown liners – that way I can get creative with frosting and sprinkles and nothing detracts from them!

  23. Sophie

    I love the black damask cupcake liners!!

  24. Lisa

    I love the zebra print cupcake liners!! So cute!!

  25. Dawn Bohm

    geez…they are all cute! I like the leopard but would love to try the red tulip ones! My hubby is a principal at a local school and I have to make 300 cupcakes for their 8th grade graduation…so the red ones would be great!

  26. Betsy Carll

    Absolutely love the “baby girl pink and brown” polka-dot cupcake liners! How adorable!! But I kinda dig the browns too. Smart. Simple.

  27. S. Grant

    I like the aqua ones with brown polka dots. They look kind of retro to me.

  28. Judy R

    I love the black damask ones.

  29. Monica E

    I am all for the classic simple solid brown, so I hope I win!!

  30. Lindsey

    Have to pick 3 fav’s– Zebra, Leopard and brown & pink polka dots! So cute and puts so many fun ideas in my head!!

  31. nicole deitrick

    I love the Pink w/Brown Dots Cupcake Liners!

  32. Rachael

    I am loving the Black Tie Cupcake Liner Pack! :)

  33. jae

    I love the polka dot cupcake liners! So cute.

  34. crazy bunny lady

    I’m going to see Prince in concert this week, so I’ve got purple on the brain. I’m going with the purple liners. But the black tie liners are great too!

  35. Sarah W.

    Really loving the aqua with brown dots cupcake liners. Super cute!!

  36. Mechele Johnson

    Ooooo, I love the Blue Damask!

  37. Siri

    I bake cupcakes for the local kafe in my little town daily using the brown cupcake liners, and Im in love. Gives me so much creativity, and I think cupcakes with dark brown cupcakeliners cant fail!

    I love them :)

  38. Shelly

    I love the aqua with brown polka dots!!! Sooooo adorable!! And I regularly use the brown cupcake liners for cupcakes I bake for our restaurant!! They always make my cupcakes look professional!!

  39. Gemma Smith

    Honestly, I really like just the plain brown liners. I have started selling cupcakes as a fundraiser for the Spina Bifida Association. My youngest brother was born with Spina Bifida and we participate in the Walk-N-Roll that they have every year. Using just a “regular” liner will help me greatly with large orders.

  40. Sydney

    I am a sucker for polka dots I love the Aqua with Brown Polka Dots Cupcake liners!

  41. Lydia

    Love the pink with brown polka dots!!! So fun!

  42. rini

    They are all so cute, but the polka dot ones are super cute!

  43. Raggamuffins

    I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of zebra print and pink with brown polks dots! My favorite!

  44. Teresa

    I like the pink polka dot liners! They are so cute and cheerful!

  45. Annie

    I love the leopard liners and zebra liners because they are so cute and sassy. I love the spring tulip liners because they are perfect for spring. And, I love the purple liners because I am starting a fundraiser for MPS, and National MPS day is coming up.

  46. laila

    i would love love those cute Spring tulip liners :) so adorable.

  47. Kelly

    I’m a real Pink Lady so I’m in love with the
    Pink w/Brown Dots Cupcake Liners! And they’re greaseproof too!

  48. angela

    I love the Zebra cupcake liners. My daughter is thinking of doing her birthday party in hot pink and zebra print so these would work perfectly!

  49. Julie

    I love the leopard liners and zebra liners! So cute! Those could turn a basic vanilla cupcake into something fun!

  50. Hayden

    I am really in love with just the plain classic black and chocolate brown liners…so many possibilites for simple elegant cupcakes!

  51. Yaneri - Sweet Baker

    I’m digging those Brown Tulip Baking Cups!! Awesome giveaway!
    The more cupcake liners I have the more cupcakes I make!!!
    Hope to win these!!!


  52. Rachel

    I love the pink with brown polka dots and the baby girl combo. so cute.

  53. Hilary

    Love the Zebra Liners!!!!

  54. Christy

    I love the red swirl & the zebra liners!!

  55. kimberly

    the tulip liners are fab!!!

  56. Lina

    I love those spring tulip cupcake liners.

  57. Angela Mirusso

    I adore the simple rich brown making it the perfect table for a topper such as a trunk for a tree canopy! So much to be adorned with, it gives the decorator the ability to focus on the creative element of piping or frosting-adding the special touches without competing with the wrapper. Simple yet elegant.

  58. Holly


  59. Ashley R

    I love the polka dot and swirl liners – any color! They are all fun. But the basic brown liners are very versatile.

  60. dani m

    I definitely LOVE the wild pack with the zebra print & black liners! They’re adorable and versatile- could be both sweet and fierce depending on your style! I’d love to do some cupcakes with hot pink icing in these<3 What a wonderful variety this site has- they've got a customer in me! :)

  61. Jill A. Collins

    I thought that their Aqua w/Brown Dots Cupcake Liners were very pretty!

  62. bella

    <3 the brown standard cupcakes liners I never win hopefully I do!!!""

  63. Gina

    I love the animal prints! :)

  64. Victoria G.

    I love the leopard liners!!!

  65. Erin oconnor

    Omg stop it. Love the leopard!

  66. elliesewsweet

    I love the pink leopard cupcake liners!

  67. Alexa

    I <3 the Blue Swirl Baking Cups/Cupcake Liners! :)

  68. Betsy @JavaCupcake

    Any of the polka dot ones!! LOVE those! <3

  69. Debbie Richardson

    I absolutely love the safari pack cupcake liners! They are awesome!

  70. Amber

    Wow this is awesome
    I love all of them. My favorites are the safari one – great to go to the zoo with :) and the pink polka dot ones for a fancy girls tea party and the black tie ones for a mens party :).

    We bake cupcakes at least 2x a week and this would be a great gift for my little helper!

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