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Baked By Melissa is a New York City based cupcake bakery that specializes in mini cupcakes.  Creator Melissa Bushell bakes stuffed mini cupcakes so customers can try every cupcake without feeling guilty.  The Baked By Melissa has a unique option, the create your own cupcake customizer!  While the custom cupcake can only be used to purchase orders of 300 or more mini cupcakes it is really fun to choose your cake, icing, topping, and stuffing, plus you pick the colors! Once you name it, it can be added to the gallery, shared on Facebook, or as mentioned, you can buy it. The gallery features over 9000 custom cupcake creations, including the fun “life after college” cupcake (shown left), perfect for upcoming graduation parties. If you decide to buy your cupcakes you have the option of delivery or pick up if you live in Manhattan or have them shipped if you live anywhere else in the US, just remember you have to  buy 300 cupcakes!  Don’t forget you could always stop by one of the four NYC locations and try one of Melissa’s creations!

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