The Cupcake Kids

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Cupcake Kids is not your traditional bake sale. These kids are baking, decorating, and selling cupcakes to raise money and awareness for SixtyFeet, an organization dedicated to helping the impoverished children of Uganda.

It all started in 2010, when a 6 year old girl and her 4 year old brother in Atlanta asked their parents if they could sell some cupcakes to raise money for SixtyFeet. Those two kids (with some help from mom) raised $260! Because they shared their mission with their shoppers, they ended up selling cups of lemonade for $25. The very next weekend, there were sales all over Georgia and in several other states. Cupcake Kids went viral.

As of today, The Cupcake Kids have raised more than $44,000 to help kids on the other side of the world. That’s a lot of cupcakes! Everyone is invited to join in the fun and host their own Cupcake Kids bake sale. You can find the details here.

If you can’t find a cupcake sale near you, you can still show your support by ordering a virtual cupcake. You can also buy a really cool t-shirt:

You can also follow Cupcake Kids on Facebook!

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