Cupcake Clothing Giveaway

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If you are anything like me, you have a little one in your life that you love to dress in cupcakes.  Cupcake clothing has become so popular and very easy to find in local stores.   However, if you are looking for something more unique and handmade, then Etsy is the place to go. 

This week we are hosting a giveaway for Etsy sewer, AdellaBella. She specializes in handmade clothing for babies, toddlers and little girls.


This week Adella Bella is giving away one of her specially made cupcake peasant tops to one oh so lucky fan.  My little girl has one of these tops and it is beyond cute!  It is so well made and is perfect birthday party attire.  


To enter this giveaway, click on the comment area below and tell us what was your favorite fabric used in Adella Bella’s shop and what fabric you’d love to see added.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, May 9th

Make sure to follow her blog too!

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48 Responses to Cupcake Clothing Giveaway

  1. Sarah Lucking

    I love the skull and roses fabric! It has the right amount of edge, while still being girly with the roses! I also love the cupcake fabric. I would totally wear both fabrics!

  2. Amber E

    They are all so precious! Besides the cupcakes, I love the apple and pear print, it is too cute! I would love to see more foods, maybe pie slices or watermelon!

  3. Kelly Q.

    The cupcake print is of course my favorite… But other then that I love the vintage black & cream butterfly print fabric. It’s very feminine & pretty! I would love to see a really girly print with bows or black & white polka dots. Another fabric I would love to see used is something with sweets on it. Like either candy or ice cream.

  4. Lindsey

    Love the cupcake fabric! but the black and white butterfly skirt is darling as well!! Summer fabric with bright stripes and polka dots mixed would be cute or a fun summer print such a flip flops or Hawiian flowers would be nice!

  5. Cathy H.

    I absolutely love the cupcakes but I like the rose skull one as well. I definitely think there should be more pink. My daughter is obsessed with pink!! Thanks so much for this contest!!

  6. Marie Donelson

    I love love LOVE the Roses and Skull Fabric (aside from the cupcake one of course!) I think some more summer fabric with bright colors would be a cute addtion! Polka Dots, Stripes and Oversized Bows are always popular!! I would love to win this, Me and my two year old are obsessed with CUPCAKES!!!

  7. Lacey

    I adore the Lemon double layer dress!! It makes me feel like I can actually taste summer on it’s way!
    I would love to see some light teal and red!! (They are so my favs right now)

  8. Shaunte

    I LOVE the cupcake print!! I also really like the cream & black butterfly fabric. I’d love to see something in a bright/summer floral. Her designs are beautiful.

  9. Robin

    I love the pink cupcake fabrics…

  10. christine

    Cupcakes! I would love to see more polka dots. My twin girls love all things cupcakes and polka dots. Thanks!

  11. Melissa

    I’d love to see Sweet Tooth cupcake fabric by Robert Kaufman, in any color, large or small print or more butterflies My favorite is the butterfly garden ruffled skirt. I love mixing florals with stripes, or gingham checks would be adorable in the ruffled skirt.

  12. Jessi W

    The Vntage Butterflies are my fave!!! I would LOVE to see some owl prints!!!

  13. Lisa A.

    I love, love, love the cupcake fabric. My almost 1 year old squeals, giggles and otherwise adores anything cupcake. Her favorite blankie is the same cupcake print so how could I not love it?! I would love to see (what else) another cupcake print! Something with a white background and larger cupcakes maybe.

  14. Michelle S.

    I really like the “lil cowgirl” fabric. It is so sweet, and unique too. I would like to see a floral dress, maybe with peonies. I love peonies. With maybe a fake peony on the strap. It would be pretty, and you just don’t see many fabrics with peonies.

  15. dawn cordes

    I love the pink cupcake fabric! and i think anything with cupcakes and skulls is a winner!

  16. Amber A

    I love the cupcake print by far! Would love to see some strawberry or watermelon print. I love those summer fruits!

  17. Alexa

    What a cute shop! :) My absolutely favorite fabric is the Alexander Henry’s “Confections” fabric! I LOVE cupcakes! :) I would like to see some plaid fabrics added too! Thanks again! :)

  18. Cindy Silva

    I love the black and cream butterfly print! It looks very sophisticated. I’d love to see more cutesy stuff like candies or ice cream cones, maybe cake slices?

  19. Kat

    Of course the cupcake print is my favorite! But the lemon fabric is a close second!! I would love some sort of polka dot print added! :)

  20. Alicia

    I love the cupcake print but I think an ice cream/Popsicle print would be super cute for summer time :]

  21. elliesewsweet

    Cream and black Butterfly is adorable. More cupcake please!

  22. lucybaby09

    I love love the cupcake print of course!! I have several dresses for my 2 year old with many different types of cupcake prints and I am always on the lookout for more:) I also love the skull and roses and buttefly print. I am so happy to have this link now! I have a new place to order beautiful clothes for my little one:)

  23. Kristina

    I absolutely love the skull print and the juicy lemon print… always unique and with flair. Tons of personality for our little ones to show off… So bright and airy…

    I love the dresses and tops…. just wish these hands could be so creative…

  24. Shayla

    I love baking so the cupcake print is my favorite but I am also big into skulls so the rose/skull print is the runner up. I can’t wait for my baby girl to walk she would look super cute in these dresses and tops.
    I would love to see a whale or turtle prints…whales especially. I think some retro 50’s prints would be amazing too and I think are definetly hard to find and would be a big seller.

  25. Angela S

    Aside from cupcakes being my favorite dessert, anything lemon always wins me over! The lemon collection in your shop is adorable and so fun for this time of year. I would love to see a nautical print on a dress or top with red, white, & blue with anchors or seashells on it. Dressing up my niece is one of my favorite things to do!

  26. Leslie

    All of the fabrics are adorable, but I think my favorite is the rose skulls. I hard to find types of punk/rock clothing for little girls. I would like to see some Hello Kitty fabrics used.

  27. DENISE

    So adorable… i LOVE the cowgirl peasant dress. I would love to see paisley print dresses and skirts!!!!

  28. Mechele Johnson

    I love the “Juicy” fabric with Lemons, and of coarse the Cupcake fabric! I would love to see more contempary florals like Amy Butler added to the line.

  29. Ashley

    I absolutely love the lemon fabric, as well as the cupcake fabric! But the lemon fabric just has such a “vintage” feel to it, I adore it!! I loved to see some more fabrics added like the lemon pattern – I think a cute cherry fabric will be a huge hit!

  30. Nicole

    I love the juicy lemon print! It reminds me of the cute faces babies make when they taste something sour!

    A print that I would love to see would be cute little love birds or a hummingbird print with pinks, yellows, and blue complimentary gingham!

  31. Lovey

    They all are adorable but I’d have to pick the cup cake peasant dress as my favorite.

  32. Dagny

    I love all the fabrics she has chosen.. oh my I must say the cupcakes tho is a top! hahahah

  33. Amy

    Sweet! This is how little girls need to be dressed up in. I really love the fabrics chosen. Aside from the cute cupcake dress, I love the lemon dress the best. These dresses are so beautiful, elegant and look nice for picnics and summer outings. I would love to dress my princesses in these. I would love to see a strawberry pattern, lollipops pattern and I love cherryblossoms and rainbows too.

    Keep up the great work… Wish you the best success.

  34. Theresa Queen

    It’s a toss up between the lemon and the cowgirl print! I would like to see something in polka dots. My first grandaughter is due anytime! and I would love to win this darling cupcake frock for her.

  35. Heather B.

    I love the cupcake print fabric!! Perfect for my little princess. I would love to see something with watermelons or dragnflies on it – just in time for summer fun!!
    Thank you!

  36. jessica bennett

    The cupcake dress is my favorite. I actually made a quilt out of the same cupcake fabric, I would love a matching dress for my daughter, that would be adorable! Something you could add is little girl aprons with ruffles, maybe buttins and cute pockets! :)

  37. Alicia

    I think that the cupcake dress is my favorite but it was hard to chose one. I think butterflies, sno cones, fruits on it would be adorable! As well as needed :]

  38. Krystal

    I love the lemons. It gives me hope for sunshine and lemon aid :) darn rain!

  39. bree

    CupCake fabric is super cute!! I also like the pear and apple fabric. I would be hard to choose.

  40. Debbie

    I like the butterfly fabric–it reminds me of springtime where everything comes alive!

  41. Jill

    I LOVE the lemon and cupcake fabrics! It’s very spring and summer like. A perfect time to wear brights and colors. I would love to see colorful icecreams in cones too. That would also be cute for the summer.

  42. TERESINA Ortega

    They are all adorable but my favorite one is the cupcake one. I think a dress with tulips would be very cute.

  43. Lori

    My daughter loves anything PINK! Our two favorites are the Butterfly garden and the pink cupcakes patterns. We would like to see more pink materials….polka dot, ice cream cones, candy, watermelon prints. THANKS!

  44. Kari

    I love the cupcake and lemon fabric. I think any other fruits like strawberries would also be great for summer.

  45. Crystal

    I love the lemon fabric, it just reminds me of a warm summer day! I also like the cupcakes. I wouldn’t mind seeing some pieces using cherry fabric.. your work is beautiful.

  46. julie

    They are all so adorable, I really like the cupcake ones but my favorite one is the black and cream butterfly, all little girls love butterflies.

  47. AmandaJ

    I loved the cupcake fabric, and the apple/pear fabric. Since I like pandas more than cupcakes (shhh don’t tell anyone!) I’d like to see a panda fabric.

  48. Tessa

    The cupcake fabric is ridiculously adorable!! What little girl would not love any outfit made with that pattern? Truth be told, I would love to see this pattern on some grown-up items such as aprons or even Chef coats. LOVE!

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