Alphabet cupcakes! G is for Ginger!

By on May 2nd, 2011 . Filed under: Recipes .

I tossed up today between Gin (yes please!), Ginseng (dubious for a cupcake) and the ever versatile, Ginger!  And in the end Ginger won!  And why wouldn’t it, perfect for the sweet dessert or for the main course, pickled, candied, ground or raw, it has a million and one uses, so it is only to be expected to find it somewhere in the kitchen!

This particular recipe I have chosen today uses ground ginger and candied ginger, and looks amazing to boot!  The recipe inspired by crockery is from the great baking website Not Quite Nigella!  I’m sure you’ll agree, they look pretty darn pretty in their Queen of Hearts styling!

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