Cupcake Giveaway Helps Autism

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This week our giveaway is from longtime ATC friend, Sweet Bling.  They specialize in cupcake tees and beautiful charms. 

Being that this month is Autism Awareness Month, Sweet Bling is donating 10% of the proceeds from three of their cupcake charms go directly to TERI (Training, Education & Research Institute) Inc.   Teri is a non-profit agency serving the needs of children and adults with autism and other developmental and learning disabilities and their families.

To help in getting out the word about Autism Awareness, Sweet Bling is giving away their One Haute Cupcake Hand Stamped Cupcake Charm to one lucky fan! 

 To enter this giveaway, click on the comment area below and tell us what is your favorite item from Sweet Bling’s shop.  OR click on the comment area below and tell us how autism has affected your life or the life of a loved one. 



One winner will be chosen on Monday, April 8th. 

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62 Responses to Cupcake Giveaway Helps Autism

  1. Jessica

    My nephew has autism and it has really been a great joy to have him in my life. He sees things a little bit differently that I do and is constantly teaching me to look at things in a new lite. He is socially a bit unaware of boudnries and sometimes has a hard time with showing his emotions. When he smiles and gives you a big hug, it is like nothing else.

  2. Dee

    I love the Live Love Eat Cupcakes White Burnout Tee. Thanks!

  3. Micki

    My daughter has had a friend since kindergarten with Asperger’s syndrome (a mild form of Autism). He is the sweetest boy and my daughter has learned alot from him about compassion and tolerance for differences among people. We hope the friendship continues indefinitely. Thanks for the chance to win this charm. I would give it to my daughter to wear.

  4. Sophie

    I love the Live Love Eat Cupcakes Tee!!!

  5. stacy

    How can I choose, they are all wonderful!
    One Haute Cupcake Pendant with Ruby is so sweet.


    i love the Haute Cupcake Sterling Silver Charm with Ruby Sprinkles !!! my daughter is my little sweetheart and her birthstone is ruby so it fits so well!! when i was in elementary school i was a peer tutor and that was my first experience with anyone with autism. i was chosen to tutor autistic children in a wonderful school in Maryland that is was they call a 50/50 school it is a school that is made to accommodate all children with all kinds of handicaps and disabilities and also children that do not. the purpose of the school is to teach children of all abilities to work and succeed together!!! i wish my daughter had that chance but we have since i have a friend with and autistic son and i feel like i understand and am able to be more of a help to her due to my childhood experience.

  7. Melanie

    I LOVE the Cupcake Tank – Black with the silver and raspberry glitter! I have to get me one of those :)

  8. Kelly

    My son,Noah has Autism. He’s made me stop and take a closer look at things I would have never otherwise batted an eye at. He’s a smart, funny little boy with eyelashes and lips people would pay to have. To everyone else, Noah has autism. To me, Noah is my baby.

  9. Leslie

    I have a cousin with Asperger’s syndrome (similar to Autism but mild) and I can see how it’s affected her and she’s become worried because she’s the smallest kid in her class. But she’s strong and is always smiling. She teaches me a lot of lessons such as not taking for granted what I have.

    In that shop I love the Cupcake Charm with Diamond Sprinkles – White Cup with Pink Frosting. It is such a precious looking charm and reminds me of this young girl who is so sweet!

  10. Victoria G.

    I love the cupcake charm with the white gold bottom and rose gold top.

  11. AmandaJ

    My friends daughter is Autistic. I love to have her over because she is such a joy to interact with. She didn’t always interact, but through giving her her own space and making myself available she will talk to me now. She has always been afraid of my poodle and it has taken time to get her to where she will now pet her on her way out the door. I can see inside her a child full of capability and it breaks my hear to hear her mother talk about the school and how they want to isolate her from the rest of the kids. I know that it will take just one person in that school to commit to working with her and she will do amazing things!

  12. Stephanie Smith

    My son has a developmental delay and is currently undergoing an evaluation for autism. He is 2. Since the possibility for this has been raised, I have been overwhelmed with all of the support that is available, like TERI. No matter what the outcome of his screening, we know now that we are not alone and we can do everything possible to help our sweet little boy through his journey of discovering just how great life can be and that he *is* understood!

  13. CupcakeDD

    I have three friends who have children with Autism/Asperger’s. It’s overwhelming to watch their daily struggle to keep something that resembles a normal life.

    PS. I LOVE the Cupcake Charm with Frosting Top in 14K gold — White Cup with Pink Frosting!

  14. Carmen

    My son Bas has PDD-NOS, so that has a big impact on our and his live.
    it’s great that there is a month of awareness for a life time of being different.

  15. Carla

    Autism has such an impact on families, good and bad. I have a brother that is autistic and is such a special person, he was reading at the age of 2, phone books and anything he could get his hands on, sad part is that he just didn’t connect emotionally with anyone til later on. Schooling and special teachers helped him develop skills that has brought him around to being self functional and an extremely loving individual today. I just hope they can pinpoint where Autism comes from and end it, so nobody has to ‘feel left out’!!!

  16. Amber

    I love the silver cupcake charm with ruby sprinkles. Autism has effected me most closely when my nephew was diagnosed a few years ago. He is the sweetest little thing I know! And now that we can understand him better, we can reach his needs and help him.

  17. ashley

    We are actually in the process right now getting our eldest son tested for possible autism/ADD/dislexia and it it mentally exhausting!

    We love all of our children and will do anything for them! My husband and I really don’t want to see him put on any meds (he does have a wonderful personality on his own minus our trying times certain days-but I don’t want it destroyed by a pill). I have ADD myself and going through the ups and downs that I have in my life with my medicine (not to mention I have a severe thyroid disorder), I do not want that for ANY of my children! It is time for us parents to start standing up to these doctours and let them know “enough is enough.” Yes, sometimes meds are used for certain things, but just because our children (or ourselves) have something going on in our life doesn’t mean we need a ‘pill!”

    PS-my favourite item is: One Haute Cupcake Sterling Silver Charm with Ruby Sprinkles

    I absolutely love it and would love to win this charm for my bracelet, since all of my charms I have on it are for my children!

    Thank you and God’s Blessings!

  18. ayshe

    hi to all also my nephnew is affected of autism and he is already 10 years old..unfortunately in italy(where i live)expecially in the south,autism is not considerated so important as sickness sooo its really difficult for my sister finding good teacher for Lorenzo….sometimes i wish she could go to USA just for him,and also in italy if u are not rich,its more difficult!! we all pray for him to have a good life in the future…

  19. Michelle

    We actually JUST found out that our 29 mos old, daughter Maddie, has autism. We have a long journey ahead, and much to learn about it. I think that it is great that Sweet Bling is getting the awarness out there, because honestly, up until last week, I didn’t really know much about it.

  20. Montaña

    I’m prefect (i’m not sure thats the correct word, i’m Spanish) of a scout group and we have a child with Asperger’s syndrome. In the beginning i thought it will be very difficult to make the other children understand his condition and make them not to marginalize him.

    But luckily I was wrong, all the children are very conscious and efforts to integrate him in the group.

    I’m very proud of all of them :)

  21. Judy R

    I love their sterling silver One Haute Cupcake charm with ruby sprinkles.

  22. Lindsay C

    Sweet Bling has some great items. It’s so hard to just pick one, but I’m a sucker for white gold so I have to say The Cupcake Charm with Diamond Sprinkles, White Cup with White Frosting in 14K is my favorite!

  23. Jennifer A

    I love the Live, Love, Eat Cupcakes T!

  24. Penni

    Autism has affected my life in such a huge way. I have been working with special needs children Age 5-8 for the last 3 1/2 years and I would have never guessed I would be where I am. They have taught me so much. I have become really good friends with a few parents of those children and they too have taught me so much. I now have such a greater understanding for special needs children/people. And so do my own children.

  25. Britta

    I have been doing behavior therapy for children with Autism for the past 3 1/2 years and I absolutely LOVE it! They are fun, amazing spirits and I thank my heavenly father that I have the oppurtunity to work with them and love them. I was with my sister when her 2 little boys were diagnosed with Autism about 5 years ago and ever since then I have been passionate about learning more and helping children with Autism to become the best and happiest person they can be. Go Autism Awareness Month!! :)

  26. Adrian r

    I heart One Haute Cupcake Pendant with Ruby.
    My son has Aspergers. It is so important for people to understand that people on the Autism Spectrum have certain quirks.

  27. Sara

    Live, love, eat cupcakes. What a thoughtful giveaway.

  28. kristine kersting

    I like the sterling diamond charm with the white cup and pink frosting!!

  29. Amanda

    I adore the cupcake charm with frosting top (the white cup with white frosting) in 14k gold. It looks so realistic and beautiful! Great giveaway and great cause!

  30. Annie

    When I was 8- 9 years old I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I am 14 now and am a very independent person and I like to be alone in my room instead of socialising with my sisters. I have have trouble in school. My family does not schedule much in advance and that frustrates me when ther is change. sometimes I feel like exploding and need to let my steam out, but my family is understanding (sometimes). I have even been in situations where I have heard people calling people with autism retarted favorite sweet bling items are the cupcake charm on a delicate light green ball chain with bling, glitter heart earrings, and the rainbow of candy necklace.

  31. Susan Krauss

    Oooooh I love the sterling silver cupcake with the ruby sprinkles! Soooo cute!

  32. alicia

    I love all of it especially the White Cup with Pink Frosting. Autism has affected me because it is my lifestyle as well as my career. I work as an ABA implementor for families with kids that are autistic. I go into their homes and have therapy sessions where they learn to communciate, read, write, as well as many other things. It’s amazing what they learn and how they learn different that I find myself learning from my clients so many times a day. If I won I would give it to the family because the mother deserves it for having 3 kids and the full time job of looking after an autistic child.

  33. Miranda

    I looked around at everything and it comes down to one pretty little silver cupcake, the Sterling silver cupcake charm with Ruby sprinkles! It’s just soooooo pretty, fun and elegant! This would go nicely on my charm necklace so I can show my friends and tell them about your wonderful site so they can help out by buying something too!

  34. Nicole

    So wonderful to see such a great giveaway. Autism is affecting more people in our society than ever before, whether it’s a friend or family member. Thank you for helping to support this wonderful and important cause! I will also share this posting with my friends.

    Favorite thing in shop: having to narrow it down was hard, but I’d have to say it’s the White Cup w/Pink Frosting.

  35. Celeste

    I am entering this give-away not for myself but for a friend. Her son has autism and when I see her struggle between the world of her boy and the world around him, I am impressed by her strong will to make life a bit easier for him. And when I see him walk, play, and laugh while I know how difficult it was for her I bow my head in admiration, she did it!
    But also she is a great decorator of cupcakes, her nickname on the www even has cupcake in it, and she makes the most wonderful cakes for my boys who cannot eat lactose.
    So if I may be so lucky that I win this Give-Away, I will give the charm to her just to tell her, that I think she is doing a wonderful job with her son.

  36. Jennifer

    At first I liked the plain all silver cupcake until I saw the One Haute Cupcake Sterling Silver Charm with Ruby Sprinkles, omg! The sprinkles look more pink than red to me and I do the Race for the Cure every year and our team name is Cupcakes for the Cure. I need this cupcake!

  37. Kelli Hanis

    I love the charm you have posted on this post but also the black cupcake tshirt. My friends call me cupcake Kelli because I love all things cupcake. LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcake.

    I work in or childrens area of our church and we have a few children with Autisum, its been an eye opening experence and I have learned alot from the children. A few of those experences have been life changing for me and hold a special place in my heart.

  38. Lisa P

    I love the One Haute Cupcake Tank(black) !!!

  39. Jessica

    New to your site. Everything looks awesome.

  40. Rachael

    Cupcakes are probably my most favorite item to bake, which is why the Cupcake Charm with Swirl Top in 14k gold – White Cup with Pink Frosting stood out to me! :)

  41. Faye

    I completely loved the Cupcake Charm with Frosting Top in 14K gold — White Cup with White Frosting. it’s awesome!

  42. Alicia

    My best friend just found out that her 4 year old son is autistic. She has moved from Washington to California to put him in a special school and we are hoping it will be the best thing for him. She is a great mom and he is such a happy kid. I just know that great things are in store for them.

  43. faiza

    i LOVE the cupcake tank top and the haute cupcake pendant charm!!! it is so cute my dad is a partner for a foundation called the hope foundation and most of them have autism i feel soooo sorry for them but we try our hardest to help!!! I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!

  44. Miranda

    I just realized that it says a winner will be chosen on Monday April 8th, April 8th was friday and that was yesterday… Weird 0_0

  45. Kelley Smith

    The Sterling Silver Cupcake Charm with Frosting Top would be an excellent addition to my charm bracelet. Sent my husband the link!

  46. Christina

    I love the tees :)

  47. elliesewsweet

    I love my oldest nephew who has Aspergers. He is an Awesome young man!
    I love the cupcake charm with pink frosting and diamond sprinkles!

  48. Lindsey A

    I met an entire group of autistic children (and children with other mental or physical “disabilities”) while on a few trips in Haiti. They are some of the most loving, happy, sweetest children I’ve ever had the priveledge of working with. After my trips to Haiti, I’ve decided that when I adopt children, “special needs” will be my absolute first choice. :)

  49. RockerJewlz

    I think you meant winner would be chosen Monday April 11th….

    I absolutely love the Cupcake Charm with Frosting Top in 14K gold — White Cup with Pink Frosting…

  50. SandyN

    I like the sterling silver cupcake charm.

  51. Bari

    My FAVORITE is the 14K gold white cupcake with pink frosting and diamond sprinkles! OH my GOODNESS, that’s gorgeous. Also – my husband’s daughter, who is blind, teaches autistic children. What a gift she has for connecting with these youngsters.

  52. Dawn Bohm

    My 24 year old son Kyle is Autistic. He is the joy of my life. Kyle will live with me for the rest of his life and I look forward to every day with him.
    He is soo funny and such a character…to hear him laugh brings a smile to everyone’s face.
    We have had good days and bad days but they are all special.
    I am also an avid baker and he’s my cupcake tester…even though there are no bad cupcakes if you ask Kyle!! I love all the pendants…but I’d have to pick the Live, Love, Eat cupcakes tshirt says it all.

  53. Jennie

    I love the One Haute Cupcake Pendant with Ruby :-)

  54. Roo

    Oh! My fave is the haute necklace with ruby and the swirle cupcake!!! Please consider me…. I would love to have this item… all of the jewelry is super adorable!!!! There is a little girl in my church that I would love to give this to… she is our pastors daughter and she hs many issues… thanks…

  55. Lindsey Veum

    My nephew has Asburgers Autism and he handles it better than I think I could. He is a “normal” kid because he still has likes and dislikes. He is almost a Sr. in HS and has been mainstreamed his whole school career. He is a wonderful boy and we love him very much. He plans to go to college after HS and we support him wholeheartedly!

  56. Sam

    You want me to tell you just one of those things I love?! The rose frosted cupcake is the prettiest one.

    I don’t have any autism affected children immediately in my life, but I have seen children affected by it, and mostly it seems like it doesn’t phase them at all. They are so bright and intelligent and full of life, sometimes they just don’t know how to express themselves fully. Of course, I don’t know a lot about autism, and I’m sure these families affected go through a lot. I do wish I had more to give to the research of autism! If I could bake them a million cupcakes and make everything work, I would do it in a heartbeat. Maybe I could hold a bake sale :]

  57. Michelle

    I am an Early Childhood Educator, and work in Supported Childcare, and am a Behavioural Interventionist, all of which work with Autistic children. It is the joy of my life to see these kids grow, and gain skills that they didn’t have before! On top of what my career and lifes passion is, my nephew has just been diganosed with PDD-NOS. I am helping my sister and her family through the daily struggle that comes with a diagnosis of anykind!

  58. Alicia

    I love the Sterling Silver Cupcake Charm with Sapphire Sprinkles. I have been affected by autism because my close friend has a son who is 7 years old with autism. I babysit him sometimes and I know how hard their days can be and getting someone that understands them is important. He is learning something new everyday and her job is 24/7 making sure he gets all the care he needs. I love this idea of supporting an amazing cause that I really hope I can win and show it off

  59. Marla

    As a teacher it seems I have at least one student each year with autism. It would be such a blessingif they could find a cure or even some sort of treatment.

  60. Kristen Loper

    Perusing the shop, I find myself particularly enamored with the giveaway’s “One Haute Cupcake Pendant with Ruby.” Everything in the shop is cute, but this pendant is really something I could wear everyday to express my cupcake love. And it’s my birthstone.

  61. ashley azzopardi

    Cupcake Charm with Frosting Top in 14K gold — White Cup with Pink Frosting is my favourite!!! I call all 4 of my children my litl cupcakes because they are sooo sweet!

    I would also love to win this to add to my charm bracelet to support other children with autism!

    We currently have an appointment for our eldest son to check for some signs of autism (as well as possible ADHD). There are certain incidents (like majour tempertantrums that a soon to be 8 year old should NOT be having) that also occur that at times really disrupt the house, but we work together as a family to help him and move on! He is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet and so very caring. I would love to win this for him as well! each one of my charms on my bracelet represent each of my children in different ways. This would be another perfect piece to add to it!

    Thank you and God’s Blessings

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