Starbuck’s Mini Cupcakes

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Have you been to Starbucks lately and noticed that they have jumped on the latest food trend bandwagon.  Calling the line “Starbucks Petits” they now offer cake pops, whoopie pies, and mini cupcakes.  I know Starbucks have had cupcakes for some time now but I hadn’t had the opportunity to try them but this past week.  I saw the little peanut butter cupcakes and had to try one; I was pleasantly surprised by how good the cupcake was.  The chocolate cupcake was moist, the peanut butter frosting flavor complimented the chocolate cake perfectly and wasn’t too sweet.  And I liked the half of a mini peanut butter cupcake on top of the cupcake. The mini cupcakes also come in carrot cake.

I’m not sure how I feel about Starbuck’s following the common trends.  I think that mini food items are cute so the whoopie pies look really cute but is it too much? Are cake pops and cupcakes any less special because they are available at Starbucks, a worldwide franchise that is easily accessible.  Or are these new menu items a benefit that make getting some of our nations favorite food trends easier at one of our most well liked coffee shops? I’m still torn.

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  1. Pixel Vogue

    These look wonderful. Although I’m skeptical, because all other Starbucks pastries look wonderful too and just aren’t. Hopefully these are the exception.

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