Red Riding Hood

By on March 27th, 2011 . Filed under: Books, Kids .

As you probably know there is a new movie that has just been released called ‘Red Riding Hood’.  I am not sure about the USA, but here it has been trashed by pretty much every single newspaper, radio station and other media.  I haven’t seen it… and I am going to take their advice and not bother… but I hope kids still love the original story (whichever form you happen to have!  I love the early versions)

But whether you like a happy ending or a black one, you have to admit, these cupcakes by Leapula are absolutely amazing!

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4 Responses to Red Riding Hood

  1. Chelsie

    Wow! These cupcakes are insanely amazing!! Way to pretty to eat!

  2. Brandi

    Love these cupcakes! So adorable. The original red riding hood is by far way better than the movie. The movie was nuthing like the original.

  3. Miranda C.

    I think the movie is about a wolf that is a murderer. I’ll let u know after I see it next weekend.


    The wolf is awesome, red riding hood is very cute though it looks like she has a pig nose. She doesn’t look like a little girl either…

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