Red Velvet Cupcakes Play Pivotal Role in FOX’s Chicago Code

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Are you watching FOX’s new cop drama, The Chicago Code? You should be. The show is a knockout. Well-written, well-executed, and a star-studded cast. Australian dreamboat Jason Clarke and the gorgeous and uber-talented Chicago-born Jennifer Beals lead the way with stellar backing from critically acclaimed Delroy Lindo and up-and-coming Friday Night Lights standout Matt Lauria.

But what you really want to hear about is the cupcakes, right? Adam Arkin (The West Wing, Life, Chicago Hope) joined the series last night as a big and bad FBI hot shot, bent on pushing our lovely Jennifer Beals around. At first, things didn’t look good for the Chicago Superintendant of Police, but then she brought in a platter of red velvet cupcakes. And as the FBI agent and the Super munched on some cupcakes, they came to a compromise that moved watchers to tears. Then they licked their fingers. The whole thing was easily believable.

According to one of the show’s writers, the actors had to eat those cupcakes through six takes of the scene. Oh! Acting is such a rough gig! I’m hoping the show sets a precident. Crime can be fought, problems can be solved, corruption can be conquered, if we would just sit down together and have some cupcakes.

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2 Responses to Red Velvet Cupcakes Play Pivotal Role in FOX’s Chicago Code

  1. Brandi M.

    LOVE that show!!!! the one time i miss it they have CUPCAKES!!!! looks like I’ll be on hulu later this week lol

  2. Suz C.

    Cupcake sales just went up!

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