Simple Fondant Cupcakes!

By on March 11th, 2011 . Filed under: Decorating, Kids .

Some people look down on cupcakes that are quick and easy to make, but often, the effort of designing a simple fondant decoration can be very rewarding.  As you may know I am in search of cupcakes for my daughter’s school fete which I can whip up in a jiffy.  For these, I want to make an impact to get the highest price possible, but don’t want to spend 5 years in the kitchen!  So on seeing these frog in the pond cupcakes I know I have found a winner.

These frogs are created and designed by Wendy’s Whimsies and are cute, plus I can make them even simpler!  We have a ton of smarties left over from a birthday party so I will just make pipe a dot of icing onto each smartie to make the eyes!

If you have any great ideas let me know!!

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