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Hello cupcake fans! Are you ready for another sweet giveaway?  This week’s giveaway comes to you from ATC sponsor Forever MK Cupcakes.  They make unique cupcake trinket boxes and other cupcake treasures.  So unique and so beautiful!   Check out a few of my personal favorites from their shop:

This week one lucky winner will get a box of cupcake goodies from Forever MK Cupcakes.  We aren’t going to tell you what is in there but believe me, any cupcake fan would be very happy to win this!  To enter this giveaway, go to Forever MK Cupcakes’ website and pick out your favorite item.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what your favorite item was AND let us know what kind of trinket box you think they should add to their site.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, March 14th.

Be creative!  Have fun!


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80 Responses to Box of Goodies Giveaway

  1. Brittany Hart

    My favorite item was Forever MK Cupcake’s Hooded Towel (in pink)! So Cute, and also something unique that I have never seen before.

  2. Julie

    oh, how do you choose …I think I like the cupcake necklace the best!

  3. Cindy Silva

    I love the Sugar Plum Cupcake! I’d love to see something colorful like a Rainbow Cupcake or maybe a yellow ducky cupcake int the Binky line.

  4. Sarah

    I love the Hooded Cupcake Towel! It is so sweet and perfect for the little girls in my life.
    I think they should add a bridal shower/engagement party cupcake. Instead of a cherry on top have a giant fake diamond ring or a light up “diamond” ring, or a candy ring.

  5. Lisa

    Hard to choose… but I love the cupcake pup binky!

  6. Tara

    I am absolutely in love with the pink & black ooh la la cupcake!! They’re all so beautiful!! I would like to see a patriotic/4th of July design!!

  7. Mariel

    I love the Ooh La La Pink cupcake! It’s so cute with the little bit of lace it makes this sweet cupcake a little risque and I love it! Also you can’t go wrong with Swarovski crystals!

  8. Jamie

    I am in love with the Cupcake Tooth Fairy! What an adorable idea! My daughters will get a good laugh from that one…which will then lead to getting one for each of them!! All the items are adorable though so it was hard to choose!

  9. Kristen

    My favorite one was the Cupcake Pup because I love anything that looks like a puppy haha! I also think they should maybe do a zebra one or a leopard one!

  10. Lindsey

    I have seen anything like these I must have one! I really love the Ooh La La Pink Cupcake!! I think seasonal ones would be a nice addition easter is coming up and spring and you could fill it with easter goodies!

  11. Bari

    Oh, such pretty cupcake-y things to choose from! My favorite is the “Nutcracker Sugar Plum” cupcake. It made me smile, so I knew it was the one.

  12. Melanie

    I love the create a cupcake option! I love the fancy bottom and the colors green and lavender :) What a neat idea!!

  13. Jennifer

    I love the tooth fairy cupcake!

  14. Allison Adams

    I love the chocolate cupcake, SKU: cc-Chocolate with the pink necklace with cupcake charm. SO very cute! I’d like to see a St. Patrick’s Day theme, since that’s my birthday. Or maybe a Christmas theme with red poinsettias and a white background. That would combine three things I love…..cupcakes, Christmas and poinsettias!

  15. Kay

    I love the Oh La La cupcake !

    I think baby-themed cupcake goods would be great for a baby shower gift!

  16. jules

    Omg!!! The hooded towel is my fave!!!!I have found another great cupcake website!Thank you!

  17. Colleen

    I love the french Oo La La! It is so adorable and pink!

  18. Lisa P

    I Love the Princess Mariposa Cupcake!! I would love to see a Hello Kitty cupcake (my daughter’s new favorite character)

  19. Alicia Summe

    My favorite is the Hooded Cupcake Towel. I think a bridal shower cupcake would be super cute or even a wedding cupcake trinket would be so cute.

  20. Jacquelyn V.

    I adore the Tooth Fairy cupcake trinket box. It’s adorable!

    I would love to see a trinket box that is light cream, with purple, white and pink roses on the frosting. That would be my ideal cupcake trinket box.

  21. Lindsay C

    My favorite was the Cupcake Pup, so cute! As for what they should have/make, id love to see a Strawberry Shortcake trinket and some of her pals, also maybe Rainbow Bright and her pals.

  22. Heather S

    My favorite item is the hooded towel! I think they should add some ‘boyish’ colored cupcakes. My (young) boys enjoy cupcakes, just like me. They don’t like that almost all of the cupcake stuff out there is for girls.

  23. Elliesewsweet

    I love the toothfairy cupcake idea. My daughter is 5 and getting ready to loose some teeth. How fun would it be to put them in the cupcake and see what the toothfairy would leave for her!

  24. Chenea

    How can I pick just one favorite! But I will say the cupcake hooded towel stole my heart. Cupcake is my daughter’s nickname so I have to buy her one. I would love to see a Minnie Mouse trinket box. My niece loves Minnie Mouse & that would be a very unique gift for her:)

  25. Claudia

    The hooded cupcake towel!

    I’d like to see a cupcake beanie hat big enough for an adult’s head. ;)

  26. LA

    I love the Chocolate cupcake one and they should make a Marie Antoinette cupcake box… blue and pink, opulent and victorian!

  27. Anne Ardoin

    I love the Red Velvet Cupcake Box! I’d like to be able to pick all my colors for the cupcake boxes…to match different rooms in the house!

  28. scrapista

    my girls would love the hooded cupcake towel!

  29. Jennifer

    I like the Princess Mariposa Cupcake…super cute! I think they should add a breast cancer cupcake, and it would be nice if they donated so much from each box to the cause. We’re all in this together :)

  30. Laura

    I love the necklace with ribbon….so cute!

  31. Rhea

    I absolutely love this! My favorite is the the Princess Crown Cupcake. The colors are adorable and I love crowns! xoxo

  32. Micki

    My daughter and I are cupcake fanatics! We love the Betty Boop cupcake the best. How about making a fairy tale box?!

  33. Karen Thompson

    I love the oo la la pink cupcake ! I want to do my bathroom in pink oo la la fabrics and poodles .
    I would love to see a large cupcake with a big bow on top to hold hair pretties.

  34. Sarah H.

    My favorite cupcake is the Vanilla & Chocolate Heart Cupcake! So cute and it would be a great addition to my always expanding cupcake collection!!

  35. Sara M

    The towel is adorable! I would add a candy cane cupcake trinket box for the holiday’s.

  36. Amber

    I just love the chocolate and vanilla cupcake! So adorably delicious! I would love to see some with cherries on top and some yellow ‘lemon’ flavored ones!

  37. Mariee

    My favorite is the Vanilla & Chocolate Heart Cupcake. I think a trinket box with a banana split theme would look really yummy and awesome.

  38. Tara

    I love the “Peace, Love, and Cupcakes” handbag!
    Fashion and cupcakes, together!

    I would love to see a cupcake designed for firefighter: something in red, with a tiny helmet, or maybe a dalmation.
    Something to honor our heros! <3

  39. Stephanie Smith

    I love the chocolate cupcake! I would love to see one for little boys and that’s child-safe, like cars and trucks. My son loves cupcakes but it’s so hard to find something “boyish” in cupcakes – and he’s into boy things!

  40. Emily Hupp

    I love this website! As a cupcake lover and dancer, I sooo want the ballet cupcakes! Some ideas I had were picture frame cupcakes with tops that could hold a picture of say, you and your daughter baking. Or holiday-themed cupcakes with easter eggs, menorahs, or shamrocks. Baby-themed cupcakes, with pacifiers and diaper pins, would be perfect for baby showers. I also know a lot of boys who love cupcakes, so some “manly” cupcakes would be great with basketballs or trucks :) Can’t wait to use this website!

  41. Ki Lynn

    My favorite is the Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcake with pink inside.
    These are so cute!

  42. Charlotte Rhubottom

    I loved the Oooh la la cupcake, so pretty and girly! I have to agree with many of the posters, I would love to see little boy cupcake items.

  43. thepricklypinecone

    I love the chocolate cupcake! I would love to see a Easter cupcake or Spring cupcake!

  44. Leslie

    They are all so adorable and I want them all but I would say my favorite is the cupcake pup! It’s so precious and would be perfect for any little girl. I would like to see a Hello Kitty cupcake.

  45. Ellyssa

    It took me over 21 minutes to choose, but I would have to go with Ballet cupcake! I love the frosting and whip cream on top. How about a Funfetti cupcake? Everybody loves Funfetti! It would please everybody! I know I would buy it! It has a ton of colors! The wrapper could be bright pink and you could put a pink or red strawberry on top! Or you could have a strawberry shortcake themed one! It could have a Strawberry Shortcakes puppy’s (PupCake) head and paws popping out of the frosting! Then you could call it PupCake!

  46. Angela S

    My favorite is the vanilla and chocolate heart cupcake trinket box! I love the colors and design! I think it would be fun to have a fruit themed cupcake trinket box with cherries, strawberries, & orange slices on top! Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

  47. Faiza haseb

    O M G !!! SERIOUSLY how can ANYBODY choose between this goreous cupcake stuff!!!!!!!!! They are all soooo pretty and cute and CUTE!!! But i think my favorite is the create your own cupcake option i like blue with princess lavender frosting and rainbow sprinkles with pearls!!! i think they should have an option that stitches your name on the back of the cupcake that says this “cupcake was made for___________”
    FOREVER MK CUPCAKES. I think it is a cool idea!!! I LOVE ALL THINGS CUPCAKE .COM!!!

  48. thejoyoffashion

    They are all so cute that I am having a very hard time to decide! I think my favorite is the Sugar Plum cupcake!! So cute!! Hhmmm, what other boxes they should add? I think that it would be nice to see a cupcake inspired basket!! Baskets are so adorable!

    lagringa_009 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  49. Beth

    I love anything with cucakes so hard to choose but if I have to pick one I would say the necklace. I love it!!! As for a box…. a cupcake with a little skull on top instead of a cherry would be super awesome!!!!

  50. Amy

    I am a mother of two girls myself. I really look upto you. It is so important for us to encourage our children to be creative and business minded. I can’t believe you guys made them. They are awesome. I have a nephew who always complains that girls have the best stuff, so while I was looking at this, I could hear him say… “boys get nothing”. I would love to see boy type cupcakes like panda bear with bamboo design, Karate-cupcake, Transformer cupcake, and for girls I would love to see more shiny glittery cupcakes, maybe mini mirror decorations on them too.
    Keep up the great job. I would love that you can also make a create-your-own cupcake gift kit for parties. Where all the supplies are in a box and there are picture samples for us to create. This would be a good selling craft.
    Thanks for a wonderful business. Love the kids too, they are very sweet and enjoyed watching the mini cupcake video!

  51. Amy

    btw I love the ballet cupcake :)

  52. Yaneri

    The one that caught my sweet eye is the Sugar Plum Cupcake! One treat topped with more yummy looking treats!!!

  53. Sara

    The oo la la cupcake is awesome.

  54. Btrflywmn

    I love the hooded cupcake towel. I would like to see some birthday theme cupcakes.

  55. Mechele Johnson

    I love the Peace, Love and Cupcakes purse. It is absolutely adorable!!!!! I think a great idea for a trinket box would be a classic pink fluffy topped cupcake with sprinkles and a birthday candle. I also would love to see a French themed one, with the bottom being black and white toile, or damask design, with a fleur de lis decoration on top, that would be gorgeous!

  56. Miranda C.

    I absolutely love the ooh la la pink cupcake! It’s so pretty! You can just see the detail and craftsmanship put into this delightful little wonder!
    I suggest they make cupcake shaped over the shoulder bags! It would work with almost any outfit! I would definently buy a bag like that!

  57. Miranda C.

    O woops I’m sorry I misread that! A trinket box idea, I would have to say a carnival cupcake! With lots of bright colors and animals!

  58. Brenda

    I’m sweet on the sugar plum cupcake. A bride and groom cupcake set could be the next big thing to register for.

  59. Soheli haseb

    Me and my sister both L.O.V.E. the trinket boxes at forever mk cupcakes soooo much that we cried about them!!! But still i cant choose but if someone paid me 2 pick one i would say the cupcake necklace its sooo cute and i would love one! I think they should have a new ninja cupcake trinket box!!! it would be awesome! and also i think the most cutest trinket box would be a winnie the pooh cupcake box with piglet, tigger, eyore, and rabbit ones!!!sooo cute.

  60. An

    The Ooh La La Pink Cupcake is too adorable! They should definitely have a hello kitty style box, hk + cupcakes would equal an overdose of cuteness!

  61. Alicia Donahue

    My favorite is the ooh lala cupcake! How adorable. What about a school theme cupcake so kids could put their trinkets like erasers in the box :] as well as pencils!.

  62. shanta

    OOOOOH!!! i love the sugar plum cupcake!!! i think they should add cupcake erazers to the website they would be like all the cupcakes on the site and in 3d they would look sooo cute and they should come in a pack. i would totally buy them!! and the kids would use them at school. I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!

  63. Mia

    I love how you can create your own personalized cupcake! This would make the perfect birthday gift for my fellow cupcake lovers, and I can choose the flavors that I know my friends like. I would like to see more Christmas themed cupcakes.

  64. Melanie

    I absolutely adore the Peace. Love, & Cupcakes Ultra Cuddle Handbag! So cute! I’d love to see a wedding/bridal shower trinket box…I’m planning my wedding so I have wedding on the brain! ;)

  65. Susan Krauss

    Sooooo cute! Hard to choose but I really like the Oooh La La Pink cupcake!

  66. adrian

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Ooh La La Pink Cupcake!!

  67. Penni

    I love the cupcake necklace. I LOVE sock monkey’s and would love to see a sock monkey trinket box! :-)

  68. jamie c

    I love the tooth fairy cupcake. I work in a kids dental office and we do alot of extractions. A tooth fairy cupcake is a great idea for the parents to get for afterwards!!!! plus you could make it for a boy or girl!!!

  69. Marie

    Fairy cupcakes are my favorite for my grandaughter

  70. Scarlett

    I LOVE The Princess Mariposa cupcake. I think they should make a cupcake with dancing cats and a little cat wearing a tutu on the top.

  71. Molly

    My favorite was the Ooh La La cupcake! Too cute!! I also like the character cupcakes so I think they need to add a Hello Kitty cupcake!!

  72. wendy

    My favorite was the chocolate cupcake with the little red heart on top! such a perfect little cupcake! I think somthing they could do would be a ‘best friends’ cupcake set! My best friend and i are 30 years old and have been cupcake girls since freshman year of high school! I would Love to give her a matching cupcake that had personalized ‘bff ‘ tags or somthing… SO fun!!

  73. Linda

    The ooh la la pink cupcake!! Adorable!

  74. Maria

    Oh my gosh, I love that Hooded Cupcake Towel – it’s adorable! So is everything else on the site, though! Thank you for the chance to win!

  75. Sandra

    I love the chocolate and vanilla cupcake but my daughter thinks the princess ones are so beautiful!!!

  76. Monica Villareal

    I really love the Cupcake Birthday party favors. So much cuter and I think would be a bigger hit that the regular candy party bag. Sleepover birthday party favors for young girls would love these. I know my eleven year old does. We try to make our own as our mom daughter projects!!!

  77. Giulia

    I like the lil’ cupcake blankets! I’d love a version for ‘bigger’ beds :)

  78. mashruba

    I love the pink ooh la la cupcake. And i think they should have a new easter cupcake that has baby chicks on top or decorated with eggs!!! so cute!

  79. labbiba

    I love the NEW lil cupcake toys for little ones to play with!!! I think they should have cupcake pillows for cupcake lovers to sleep on or decorate thier beds with.

  80. Debbi

    I like the necklace it is very beautiful. Cupcakes isnt an obsession its a lifestyle

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