Brand Castle Blooming Cupcakes

By on March 3rd, 2011 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

My mom sent me a picture text of these cupcake molds that she saw at Ross.  The Blooming cupcake kit, which is available from amazon for $18.95, is by Brand Castle.  Each kit includes 6 silicone molds in the shape of flower pots and one chocolate cupcake mix with vanilla icing. There are also daisy shaped and green sprinkles and a pink icing pen for decorating.

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3 Responses to Brand Castle Blooming Cupcakes

  1. Valerie

    you could use real terra cotta pots they are non toxic and I have used them for cakes, puddings, and bread and they don’t cost 18.95 then you just need your own sprinkles and icing.

  2. Lindsay C

    I agree.18.95$ for some flower pots is beyond crazy.

  3. Rhonda

    I found the set on clearance at Toys R Us for $7.99.

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