Care Bear Cupcakes

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One of my favorite past times is cruising the super creative network of talented cupcake decorator’s blogs out there in cyber land.  I’m always finding really cool and interesting ideas I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.  One such discovery is Bake Happy’s Care Bears!

Instead of creating full Care Bears on each cupcake (I hope you know who and what Care Bears are? because I have kind of just assumed everyone knows Care Bears), she has created two cupcakes for each one.  Best thing about this is you get double the cupcakes, and you can have fun matching the colored teddy head with the tummy patch!

Here they are mixed up!  To see if you know your Care Bears, try and match them all to the correct teddy bear head, then check out Bake Happy to see if you got it right!

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  1. Emily

    Hey, I made cupcakes for my older sister’s birthdays and I just made normal vanilla cuppycakes and then I put plain white vanilla icing in two blobs on the top (not too much) then used cut up sour candy straps as a rainbow between them! They turned out good (for about an hour or two until the rainbows fell off, but I just thought I’d share. No photos unfortunately ):

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