Cupcake Cakes from The Bankery

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The Bankery is a full service bakery located in an old bank — 0ld as in 1864 old! — in historic downtown Skowhegan, Maine. I’ve often dropped in for a tasty treat, and they’ve often offered cupcakes. But today’s cupcake offerings were just so cute, I had to share them with you. These cupcakes were decorated to look like full-size cakes. Such a simple idea, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it. You can imagine what this did to the frosting-to-cake ratio! Since the cupcakes were also cream-filled, they were almost too sweet. (But notice I only say almost, as I managed to eat mine up just the same.)

You can also visit The Bankery on Facebook.

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  1. thejoyoffashion

    The cupcakes are adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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