Cupcake Plunger

By on February 19th, 2011 . Filed under: Decorating, Kitchen .

Chef Resource offers this Chicago Metallic Cupcake Plunger for $4.95.  Once you remove the center of your cupcakes, you use the plunger to fill them with frosting, fruit, or anything your imagination can think of!

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3 Responses to Cupcake Plunger

  1. Kendra

    I am a mommy blogger and LOVE this idea of the cupcake plunger. I have a goal this year to make all cupcakes for all my kids birthdays. I want to perfect the art of the cupcake. I would love to do a review or giveaway on my blog about this. Let me know if you are interested!

    email me back at

  2. Miranda C.

    I’m really interested in buying one of these now! Cause I wasn’t sure how they get filling in cupcake so this seems easy! I bet my Aunt would love this too cause she’s really into baking like me!

  3. Dawn

    I always thought a pastry bag was the easiest…..this seems kind of a pain to keep filling the plunger for each cupcake. I wish there was a device that would empty the centers and fill the cupcake!!

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