Heart in a Cupcake

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This Valentine’s Day season we have showed you how to put hearts on top of your cupcakes and bake cupcakes in the shape of hearts.  Now we share with how to bake a heart in your cupcake.  If I was a little kid and bit into one of these I know I would have freaked out in excitement.  To be completely honest, if someone made these for me now I think I would still freak out! Bake It in a Cake seems to be willing to try baking anything into a cupcake.  She once baked a pie into a cupcake!  These hearts baked in cupcakes are much more tame and the pink hearts are actually sheet cake; so you’re baking a cake in a cupcake!  Head over to Bake It In a Cake to see full instructions on how to bake hearts in your cupcakes!

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  1. Melanie Couch

    That is the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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