More Groundhog Day Cupcakes

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I just found these at One India Living, and couldn’t believe how fast and simple they are to make! No fondant needed, just unwrap a bite size candy bar, and “insert” it into cupcake. Then frost around the candy bar. You an also use frosting to stick facial features to the candy bar. These cupcake artists used jelly beans for eyes and nose, and m&m’s for ears and stache,┬ábut you use just about anything. A crushed Oreo serves as “dirt” from the groundhog’s hole. Too cute!

Happy Groundhog Day! Enjoy the rest of winter, ahem, I mean, spring!

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  2. Karly West

    That’s hilarious!! In a good way, though! :) I love it!

  3. More Groundhog Day Cupcakes

    […] I found her to life in India, and could not believe how fast and easy way to do it! No basis needed to unpack bite size chocolate bar and paste in this little cake. Then the gel is the candy bar. You can also use glue icing of the facial features of the candy bar. These cupcakes […] All Things cakes […]

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