Groundhog Day Cupcakes

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Groundhog day is one of those holidays you get excited about as a kid but as an adult you seem to forget about; at least I know I do.  But since tomorrow’s Groundhog Day it’s the perfect excuse to bake cupcakes, more specifically  to make these Groundhog Day cupcakes by Lilly Jane.  I found this recipe via Hip Hip Hooray and really like how easy they are with the DIY toppers for the groundhog  and cocoa powder for the shadow.  I would only want to eat one without a shadow which means spring will come quickly! Below are the four simple steps to decorating your cupcakes for Groundhog Day.  For the groundhog cupcake topper PDF visit Lilly Jane’s original post!

1. Bake some delicious cupcakes.

2. Frost cupcakes with a white tones frosting (so it looks like snow)

3. Using tape and a little extra paper create a stencil from your cupcake topper paper trimmings. Dust cocoa powder onto cupcake.

4. Gently push groundhog cupcake topper into cupcake, just behind your new cocoa powder shadow.

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  1. Kell

    so cute!!!

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