Valentines Day made easy!

By on January 31st, 2011 . Filed under: Valentines Day .

Want the sentiment but don’t have the time?

Well how about a really simple but really effective cupcake?

Too hard, well, how about a simple picture tutorial with no words?

Well that is what Pilli Pilli has provided with their simple but amazing Valentines Cupcakes!

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2 Responses to Valentines Day made easy!

  1. Annie

    If I were to win batter babies I would make a black and white cupcake- with dark choc cake on 1 side filled with vanilla cheesecake/ the other with vanilla bean cake and filled with choc cheesecake- then vanilla ben buttercream with choc shaving around the edges…. YUMMM I hope I win :)

  2. Michelle

    If I won the Batter Babies I would make one half key-lime and the other half spice. Then I would put real whipped cream on top. The taste of summer in the middle of winter (though it’s been in the 70’s all week here in AZ)

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