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You may remember last week I introduced you to ATC sponsor Kimber Cakeware. They specialize in creating unique products that make baking easy and fun. Check out their Batter Babies and the fabulous cupcakes they can help you make:


The Batter Babies are quite simple to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Simply place the Batter Babies in individual cups
  2. Pour the two separate batters into each cup
  3. Remove Batter Babies before baking

You can make cupcakes that are two different colors (think amazing red and green Christmas cupcakes) or 2 flavors (maybe a chocolate and a peanut butter dou!).  I tried these out last week and I have to say that they really are that easy and they really do make great cupcakes. 

This week, five ATC fans will get the chance to win a set of Batter Babies.  Yes, we will have 5 winners this week!  To enter, click on the comment area below and tell us what kind of cupcakes you would make first if you won the Batter Babies.  Winners will be chosen on Monday, February 8th.  Thanks to Kimber Cakeware for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!


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123 Responses to Batter Babies Giveaway

  1. Tonya Stewart

    I’d make chocolate and vanilla of course.

  2. aron rivera

    I would totally make red velvet and white funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles! Then I’d get crazy and do dark chocolate and strawberry cake with fudge frosting….mmmmmmmmmmmmm! xD

  3. Elizabeth

    So many options! I’d start with funfetti (valentine’s day mix, of course!) & strawberry!

  4. Princess Heather

    I would make some delicious red velvet and strawberry cupcakes…perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!! :)

  5. Lisa

    These are genius!!! I would make chocolate & peanut butter with crushed reeses on top of buttercream frosting. My mouth is already watering thinking of them :)

  6. Alyssa

    With Valentines day right around the corner, I would love to make Red Velvet and Vanilla Creme. This would taste incredible! I cant wait to try this!

  7. Amanda Solomon

    Banana split cupcakes.
    Half Chocolate and half banana.

  8. anne

    I would make chocolate and orange cupcakes with marmalade frosting. Fab idea! Need to get some Batter Babies!

  9. Julie

    If I win these, I would totally make strawberry chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache frosting!

  10. Carrie

    I would love to make multicolor cupcakes! So pretty! I guess first I would try to make something for Valentine’s Day. Maybe strawberry and vanilla!

  11. Shanda Ashbrook

    I would make 3 different batches…white/chocolate with strawberry icing, white/strawberry with chocolate icing and chocolate/strawberry with white icing….Neopolitan Cupcakes!!

  12. Maria

    Such a fun idea – I think I’d try the chocolate and peanut butter combo first. But wow, the possibilities are endless.
    Thank you!

  13. CaSaundra

    I’d make vanilla and red velvet! :-)

  14. CupcakeDD

    I would make dark chocolate/cherry-chip cupcakes topped with cherry buttercream and dipped in chocolate!! ♥

  15. Simon

    I would do a honey spice cake on one side and then an orange and lemon on the other – am liking that combination at the moment

  16. jamie

    Mmmmm….red velvet and devils food cake…my two favs!

    Dark chocolate and yellow…yum

  17. jenny ventura

    Half cupcake:
    I would make half shortcake and half dark chocolate. I would fill it with strawberry filling with a cream cheese frosting and nila wafers cookies crumbled on the top.
    Yummmm !!!

  18. Lanitra

    I would make chocolate and strawberry cupcakes…

  19. Rocio

    Delicioso! I would use Batter Babies to make dulce de leche and chocolate cupcakes. Yummers!

  20. Cathy

    I would have to go with lemonade cupcake on one side and a strawberry on the other. With all the snow we need a little summer in our life up north!!!

  21. T. Pinks!

    I would make chocolate cherry cupcakes! Hope I win!

  22. Erin

    Either chocolate/raspberry or lemon/raspberry…i love Cathy’s idea of lemonda/strawberry, too!

  23. Alicia Donahue

    I have been wanting this for quite sometime. I would make a strawberry/chocolate one. Yum like a chocolate cover strawberry!!

  24. Angela

    Pina colada Cup Cakes – 1/2 pineapple cake 1/2 coconut cake with cream cheese pina colada icing.

  25. Maggie

    These would have to be red velvet and purple velvet!! YumO!

  26. David

    I would totally make a ying yang cupcake. Vanilla bean and devil’s food on one side.

  27. Liz

    Hmmm…that is a tough one, I think I would do a mix of lemon and red velvet since I do both with cream cheese frosting. I think that would be really fun to see what that tastes like.

  28. Rachel Moyers

    I would make a strawberry mix– some would be half chocolate/strawberry And other half of the batter would be champagne/strawberry. YUMMM — This would be so exciting to try.

  29. AmandaJu

    These are so cute! I would have to make carrot and double chocolate! Yum!

  30. Victoria G.

    Definitely chocolate & peanut butter! Yum!

  31. Teresa

    I would make strawberry on one side and vanilla bean on the otherside!

  32. The Cupcake Mamma

    This is a great product!! I would make…gosh…what WOULD I make??!! I think I would go with my zingy lemon cake on one side and a fresh orange cake on the other side. I would top it off with a light citrus glaze…YUM!! I am soooo ready for springtime and all those bursting “sunny” flavors!

  33. Miranda M

    I would make chocolate strawberry, orange pineapple or strawberry banana.

  34. Emma

    Ohhh there are so many delicious ideas in my mind right now. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with chocolate and PB-gotta stick with an oldie but goodie!

  35. Brandi Z.

    Love these! I would go for chocolate and coconut :)

  36. Ellyssa

    Wow! What a cool product, I have been looking for something to help me make a cupcake with 2 different frostings and now I found it! I would probably have it half Chocolate Ganache and the other half raspberry or strawberry! I’m already drooling thinking about it! I also really love strawberry and vanilla! I have to say I am having alot of fun thinking of all the flavors you could make with Batter Babies!

  37. Dottie

    I love this idea, you can make black and white cupcakes instead of just cookies now! lol

    I would love to try cherry and chocolate or strawberry and chocolate! Yum-a-la!

  38. Emi

    Chicago Bear Creamsicle!! Vanilla bean tinted blue on one side and orange on the other. Da Bears !!

  39. Tiffany

    I would use strawberry & plain ole’ white cake mix! Sorta like Strawberry Shortcake! :) And of course, sprinkles!!!

  40. jen

    these look so fun! i would make lemon (tinted yellow)on one side and elderflower(white) on the other.yum!

  41. Jackie

    I would make chocolate and orange flavour cupcakes with chocolate and orange buttercreams swirled together on the top.

  42. Tanya

    I ♥ this product….would ♥ to make them for the Superbowl…….black(chocolate) & yellow for the Steelers and green(white cake with green coloring) & yellow for the Packers…..coordinating icing, sprinkles & football toppers….yummy:))

  43. Heather

    These are so cute! I would love to use these for Valentine’s Day to make pink & red vanilla flavored cupcakes. Yum!

  44. Kelly

    I really could have used these yesterday!! I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for my friends baby shower and i almost ruined the whole batch! The men at work love my baking so I would love to make chocolate and vanilla with a strawberry filling. i want to dye the vanilla turquoise because black and turquoise are my company colors! I love to try new ideas on the guys at work, they never have anything bad to say when they are getting free cupcakes! :D

  45. Amber E

    I would love to make a peanut butter and chocolate combo!

  46. Deanne

    I would probably make red velvet and white cake in celebration on my daughters 13th and Valentines Day. Although the combinations you can make are endless! I am looking forward to winning them or purchasing them! Great idea!!

  47. Heather M.

    Ooooo! I think I’d like to try a lemon and blueberry! Or Maybe pound cake and strawberry cake. It would be so hard to choose! Red Velvet is also a favorite so it would be fun to work that in with something!! Delicious!

  48. Amy

    Chocolate and vanilla with Strawberry frosting. Hmmmmmm; yummy.

  49. amandarr

    those would be so much fun to use!

  50. amandarr

    I think I would make a lemon and a matcha cupcake! yum!

  51. RockerJewlz

    My 5 year old nephew would love these when he makes cupcakes for his school (quite often, I might add). I’m sure he would pick something wild, like pink/purple or chocolate/mint.

  52. Allison

    PACKER CUPCAKES! It a way to get my boyfriend and brother involved! They like eating the cupcakes, but don’t always realize how much work it is, and then they can help. I’m thinking green velvet on one side, and yellow cake/vanilla on the other with a packer helmet made in buttercream frosting!

  53. Stefanie Russo

    I love baking, especially cupcakes and I love having all the new gadgets there is for baking! So I definitely need these Batter Babies to add to make collection. The first cupcakes I would make if I won these little Batter Babies would be a rich chocolate ganache on one side and a sweet yet tangy strawberry on the other. This would be topped with a hot drippy chocoalte ganache glaze with a plump ripe strawberry on top. Bam, chocolate covered starwberry Batter Babies cupcakes ! :)

  54. dany

    red velvet / dark chocolate, or vanilla/strawberry or chocolate/peanut butter

  55. BettyBaker

    Strawberry and Chocolate would be my first pick :)

  56. Katlyn

    Coconut and lime cupcakes would do it for me!

  57. Kristin Veiga

    I’d make half bacon half maple syrup cupcakes :)

  58. Leslie

    Oh how could I choose just one kind to make…it would have to be butter yellow & chocolate or strawberry & chocolate!

  59. Lauren O

    Peanut butter cake on one half….

    Jelly on the other half….

    Peanut Butter Jelly Timmmme :)

  60. Cindy Silva

    Chery chip & chocolate! yum!

  61. deni

    I would make either chocolate and strawberry…or chocolate and orange!! Yummo!!

  62. Sarah

    These look awesome. I would try half peanut butter cake and half banana cake with peanut butter cream cheese fristubg and a banana chip. Yum! Also, a peppermint – hot chocolate would be yummy. This could be half chocolate cake , half peppermit flavored vanilla cake with whipped cream icing and chopped pepermint candy.

  63. Chelsea

    I would make half chocolate guinness, and the other half red velvet with baileys!

  64. Angela S

    I love this product! I would definetly use it for a baby shower I am going to where the mommy-to-be doesn’t know the sex of the baby! It would be half pink and half blue cupcakes (for girl or boy!) and flavored strawberry for the girl side and blueberry for the boy side! :]

  65. Jessica

    I would make half devil’s food and half lime/ginger cupcakes!!! YUM!!

  66. Katlyn

    I would make one half a chocolate cupcake (the chocolate cupcake recipe from Boston’s Flour Bakery Recipe book) and the other half a peanut butter cupcake. And then for the frosting on top of the chocolate half peanut butter frosting and the peanut butter half would have a chocolate buttercream frosting.

    The other half and half cupcake I was thinking about was a smores one. On one half would be a graham cracker cupcake (my favorite is the smores cupcake base from the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) and the other half would be the chocolate cupcake from the Flour Bakery recipe book again. But on top would be a marshmallow frosting that’s been lightly scorched to have that roasted marshmallow taste plus a drizzle of dark chocolate on top.

    I saw these batter babies last week and fell in love with this idea. I did half and half cookies over the holidays (gingerbread and sugar cookies) and am dying to make cupcakes this way.

  67. Catherine

    I would make neopolitan cupcakes. Strawberry and Vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting

  68. stephanie

    MM, of course I’d do some sort of Chocolate and Peanut Butter Combo, but I might also try an Orange + Vanilla combo for a Creamsicle cupcake? YUM! These Batter Babies are a terrific idea!

  69. Stacie

    I would make chocolate/strawberry cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberry on top:)

  70. cupcake krystin

    So hungry reading all these ideas! I would make a chocolate and vanilla marble cake on one side and chocolate and peanut butter marble cake on the other side. Just imagine how those would look! Wouldn’t want to cover that up with frosting, haha.

  71. shannon

    so cool!
    I would make vanilla + strawberry

  72. Lora

    I would make a chocolate cupcake with a hidden peanut butter cup on one side and a vanilla cupcake with a hidden oreo on the inside with a whipped chocolate frosting….sounds crazy but so good at the same time!

  73. Pemberley

    Awesome! I would make:
    pumpkin / chai with buttercream w. cocca dusting
    chai / dark chocolate w. chocolate buttercream
    but I also love the idea of strawberry lemonade!

  74. Kady Rose

    I would make pink and green ones themed after the witches from the wizard of Oz. :)

    The pink side would be pink lemonade flavored and the green side vanilla bean flavored.

  75. Breanne

    This is the best idea ever! I would make my chocolate/coconut cupcake…always a crowd pleaser!!! : ]

  76. Anjali

    ooh these are awesome! I’d make half lemon and half orange cake with a glaze …bring summer in a little early!

  77. Rachael

    I think I would make a simple vanilla cake for both sides but color one half purple and the other half yellow to show my love for the MN Vikings! My dad would love them, as he is a die-hard Vikes fan!

  78. Ashley

    These are so neat! I would make chocolate and peanut butter because what goes better together? Pretty much nothing.

    And maybe I could channel Elvis and do some banana frosting on the chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes!

  79. susan mccarthy

    hmmm definitely 1/2 devils food & 1/2 rasberry with a chocolate frosting on the rasberry side and a pale rasberry colored frosting on the vanilla side. As long as I’m dividing my cake, might as well go all the way with the frosting!

  80. MyKoko

    This is just too cute. I would chocolate and strawberry with a cream cheese frosting. Mmmm. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

  81. An

    I would definitely make a half chocolate, half vanilla cupcake with bits of oreo sprinked on top. I can’t resist cookies n’ creme :)

  82. April C.

    Hmm…that’s tough. Probably half chocolate and half cherry. With a vanilla frosting. Mmm!!

  83. Candace R

    I would have to do vanilla and chocolate. Both are my daughter’s fave flavors in cupcakes. :)

  84. Ashley

    I would definitely make white chocolate and red velvet! Thanks so much! =)

  85. Darcy

    Wow! I absolutely can’t wait to try these! The possibilities are endless! I’d love to mix it up with some vibrant colors! And oh the combinations of flavors too!!! Ya gotta try the classic chocolate and vanilla! But I know I won’t be able to stop there… Carrot & spice maybe… Marble & a lil funfetti… What a great product to get kids involved in the creativity as well!!! Really can’t wait! Thanks!!!

  86. Kiki

    I just love these things! I’d make one half in a very very dark chocolate/espresso flavour (with tiny pieces of coffeebeans in it) and the other in half a very vibrant pink/red fresh raspberry flavour, with tiny moist parts of raspberry in it.
    It’s just to kind of share my thoughts, since I live in Europe, so winning this one might be not possible. I will definately check up on all your ideas and recipes written in the comments though.

  87. Linda H.

    I can’t imagine a yummier, nor prettier, cupcake than one that’s pink (strawberry) and white (vanilla). Must be the world’s most perfect combination! Thank you for your nice giveaway.

  88. Lynda

    Reading everyone’s posts is making me hungry!
    My first endeavor would have to be Strawberries/Champagne with Vanilla bean buttercream and chocolate drizzle!

  89. Monica Emerson

    I think I’d try to replicate Cheesecake Factory’s White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cheesecake, so half white chocolate and half raspberry cakes with a cream cheese icing. Then maybe a blueberry and strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream. Red, white & blue for my friend that is getting ready to go back to Iraq for the 4th time!!

  90. Leah

    These are a brilliant idea & so versatile. I think I’d go with a classic combo of either vanilla & chocolate or maybe banana & chocolate. I’d love to see if it’s possible to cut the dividers down and make even more divisions, a way of making vertical rainbow cupcakes maybe?

  91. Jill A. Collins

    I would like to try to make chocolate and peanutbutter combo cupcakes – a new twist on Reese’s cups. Yummy!

  92. Mistilyn E

    I would make strawberry and vanilla!!! Yummy!!!

  93. Donna

    I would try raspberry and chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate! Yum!

  94. Judy/The Island Broad

    I would so try red velvet cake & cheesecake cupcakes! I know that should impossible but hey! Who would have guessed that we’d be able to even have two flavors in 1 cupcake!?!? Awesome things happen EVERY day!!!

  95. Miranda C.

    I would make like classic chocolate and vanilla with pieces of candy that would vary for each cupcake. The candies would be M&Ms or Reeses peanut butter cups chopped up! Mmmm!

  96. Rachel

    What a fantastic idea!! I would make half chocolate fudge, half peanut butter with a delicious peanut butter mousse frosting! YUM!!!

  97. kara

    i think i would do half chocolate, half cherry and put whipping cream and a cherry on top, kind of like black forest…mmmm
    or perhaps a white chocolate and raspberry for valentines…
    although i have been inspired by several other people’s ideas :)

  98. Jeanne in toledo

    The possiblities are ENDLESS! My grandson would insist on red/blue for Spiderman though…

  99. Krystal

    Those are so neat! I would make Red Velvet and Vanilla cupcakes topped with butter cream frosting and jumbo heart sprinkles!

  100. Kelly

    These are amazing! Such a great idea! There are so many choices, but first I would have to make half peanut butter, half chocolate cupcakes with nutella buttercream frosting. YUM!

  101. Lindsey

    These are such a great idea! I would love to to banana/chocolate with cream cheese icing!

  102. Rachel

    Strawberry/Chocolate with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries on top. YUM! :)

  103. ScooterChick

    How about a 1/2 peanut butter, 1/2 golden banana cupcake with a classic vanilla bean buttercream with sprinkles of chopped honey roasted peanuts?

  104. Elizabeth

    Devils food and angel food…naughty and nice for valentines day. Topped with vanilla buttercream and a molded chocolate heart. Perfection!

  105. Batter Baby Give Away

    […] by admin on February 3, 2011 You may recall last week I presented to you ATC Kimber Cakeware sponsor. They specialize in creating unique products that make cooking easy and fun to make. Check out their babies and cupcakes fabulous dough they can help you: Babies Pulp are quite easy to use, simply follow these steps: Simply place the baby batter […] All Things cakes […]

  106. Nicole

    I would make some guava passionfruit cupcakes. Yuuum!

  107. Ashley

    I would make a half chocolate and half mint cupcake, like a mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  108. Jenny

    i would love to do a half funfetti/half strawberry cupcake with pink icing and colorful sprinkles!! :)

  109. PEZ

    I wish I had these right now!
    I would love to use the batter babies to make some Super Bowl cupcakes.

    Maybe a lemon and chocolate duo (with extra batter dye) to represent the Steelers!

  110. Btrflywmn

    Would love these, I would make chocolate and yellow cake.

  111. Britnie

    Love lemon cake and strawberry

  112. Becki

    I would love to make Red velvet with French vanilla

  113. dana

    How to choose!!!! Maybe a strawberry and chocolate with a vanilla frosting. What a cool idea!

  114. S.

    I’d do a half chocolate, half vanilla cupcake. Start out with the classics, ya know? :)

  115. Ali

    Chocolate on one side and cherry coke on another yum.. It would be a classic cherry coke chocolate cupcake.

  116. Donna

    Elvis Cupcake!
    Peanut butter with banana :]

  117. amy

    I’d make raspberry and peach!
    Mmmmmm – peach melba!

  118. Lara

    I’d make chocolate and peanut butter. YUM!

  119. Michelle Delios

    If I was to make these, I would make raspberry with peanut butter for 2 of my boys.
    For one boy, peanut butter and banana
    for the last one, chocolate and red velvet.
    This is a great idea, seeing I just went through the task of making 200 rainbow cupcakes and 200 neopolitan cupcakes. these would have helped so much.

  120. Michele

    I would totally make Cherry Lemonaid cupcakes!!! With opposite red and yellow sprinkles on either side of the cupcake! MMMMmmm.. Yummy.. I have to make some tonight!


  121. christine hall

    I would half. Mt dew and other half big red cupcakes, my family’s two favorite kinds!

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