Happy Australia Day!!

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Today is our 4th of July, well, actually tomorrow is!  26th January every year Australians celebrate what it is to be Australian.  We approach this, in much the same way as everything else, with great gusto! There will be burnt sausages, prawns, seafood, lots of food, fireworks and of course cupcakes!

I created these cupcakes for the kids at the BBQ we are attending today.  I created the fondant flags first by cutting it and twisting around a toothpick then piped the details onto them.  Unfortunately there is only six points on the bottom star which means I have lost an Australian State or Territory (as there is one point for each), and my red frosting bled into my white, but I am pretty happy with them!  And most importantly the kids will LOVE them as they are my favorite chocolate recipe with a chocolate ganache.

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  1. Bonnie

    Thoughts and prayers are with all those in Australia that have been devistated by the floods!

  2. Australia Happy Day!

    […] by admin on February 3, 2011 Today is our 4th July, and is in fact tomorrow! 26. January each year, Australians celebrate what should be Australia. We discuss this in the same manner as all other with great enthusiasm! It is burnt sausage, shrimp, seafood, lots of food, fireworks and cupcakes of course! I have these cupcakes for […] All Things cakes […]

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