Batter Up Baby!

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Check out this new product from All Things Cupcake sponsor Kimber Cakeware. It’s Batter Babies!  Bake one of a kind cupcakes containing two flavors (or colors). Batter Babies fit most standard size cupcake pans and cups.

The Batter Babies are quite simple to use, just follow these steps:

1.Simply place the Batter Babies in individual cups
2.Pour the two separate batters into each cup
3.Remove Batter Babies before baking

How fabulous are these?

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4 Responses to Batter Up Baby!

  1. Stacey

    Love this idea! Very creative and they seem very easy to use!

  2. stephanie

    this is TOO COOL! and it looks pretty easy to use too. thanks for sharing!!!

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  4. Batter Up Baby!

    […] by admin on February 3, 2011 Check out this new product of all things cake Kimber Cakeware sponsor. Baby It’s fried! Individual cooking cake with two versions (or colors). Baby Batter pans fit most standard-size cupcake babies and tasses.Les pulp are fairly easy to use, simply follow these steps: 1.Simply place the babies in cups of batter individuelles2.Versez […] All Things cakes […]

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