Super cute Valentines Day cupcake idea

By on January 19th, 2011 . Filed under: Valentines Day .

When I first saw these little cupcakes I thought they were those little plastic lipgloss cupcake containers that you can buy, but on closer inspection I discovered these are super gorgeous little chocolate coated cupcakes!  The image and idea is from Hero Cake Pops.

To create these, Hero Cake Pops picked up a chocolate cupcake mould from her local cake shop then after creating the outsides in the mould filled the inside with cake pop. ┬áThe result… fab cute little gifts for your special man / woman or if you can’t choose one person then these make an economical way to share your love this Valentines Day!

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2 Responses to Super cute Valentines Day cupcake idea

  1. Heather Meek

    Thank you so much for posting my chocolate little cake pop cupcakes! I have loved your site forever!

  2. Christina

    Super Cute Cupcake Cake Pops! The best of both worlds! I have been making cupcakes for a couple years now and I just began making Cake Pops thanks to the Hero Cake Pop blog that was featured in the top 10 on Wilton. The tutorial dipping video was a lot of help!

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