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This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Etsy seller Nattie Cakes Decor. She specializes in beautifully made hair clips, beanies and headbands for little girls.   And of course, she has sweet cupcake items available in her shop:


 When my package from her shop arrived, I was beyond thrilled with these lovely well-made treasures.  My daughter squealed with delight and quickly wanted to put them in her hair.   The only problem we had was deciding which one to wear first! 

This week we have a very special type of giveaway fromNattie Cakes.  You get to choose your prize!  Actually your PRIZES!  Nattie Cakes is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop.  You can choose clips, headbands, beanies- any mix up to $25 and you get free shipping too. 

To enter this giveaway, first go to Nattie Cakes’ Etsy shop and pick out a favorite item.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us the item and an item you think would be a great addition to her shop.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, January 24th. 

Make sure to “Like” Nattie Cakes Decor’s Facebook page too!  It is a great way to stay up to date on her new items and sales. 

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58 Responses to One Special Giveaway

  1. Lindsey

    I love the pink and chocolate brown cupcake clips and hello kitty clips are so cute as well. I think some summer themed clips would be fun with little flip flops and sunglasses on them!!

  2. Jill

    I love the felted sampler that you have here on your sight and like Lindsey I love the hello kitty! Soooo cute. How bout a scotty dog?

  3. kim

    I love the pink and brown cupcake clips. Her flowers and headband are great too. Would love to see so some spring clips and Easter bows

  4. jennifer coons

    I love this site and will definitely be a future orderer! I LOVE the holiday ones, red hearts, the eggs and the sheep is adorable. I think beach/summer would be cute-crabs, starfish,etc. :)

  5. Renee

    I love both the pink and brown korker bows and the cupcake bows! Oh, and also the Minnie Mouse! They are all so cute!!!
    I think some Easter clips would be adorable!!

  6. Andrea Ofiara

    LOVE the Little Miss Monkey and Chirpie Birdie Hair Clips!! I would love to see what she has coming up for St. Patties Day and Easter!

  7. Kristina

    I absolutely LOVE the “Sweet Cupcake Brown and Pink Dots Hair Clippie” and the “Miss Sock Monkey Clippie”!! Since the felts are TOO cute, why not make some magnets! My refrigerator would look great with some cupcake magnets!! :)

  8. Roxann

    i love the Christmas Gingerbread Man Peppermint Swirl Candies Holiday Alligator Hair Clips ( wow that was a mouthful!) and i think i would even wear them at non christmas times just to keep the cheer throughout the year.
    What i would LOVE to see are Cherries! They would look great as clips headbands and imagine them on the front of a beanie! super cute for the little retro babe. And they also remind me of icecream sundaes!!YUMMO!!

  9. Megan

    I loving Felt Cupcake Sampler!!!

  10. kristi watson

    I LOVE the black beanie with ribbon. It would look perfect on my 1 year old princess!

  11. Amanda

    I have ordered a few items from Nattiecakes and I love them! So does my daughter! From the new items she had added, I love the sock monkey! Some sports themed items would be nice, especially with the Superbowl coming up.

  12. Scarlett

    I really like the Deliciously Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Red and Pink Hair Clippie. One suggestion: make more multi-colored flower hair clips.

  13. CaSaundra

    Ooo they are all super cute–but I love the Hello Kitty hair clip :-)

  14. Michelle

    I LOVE the Hello Kitty ones!! Also the Owl and the Ice cream cones!

  15. Larissa

    So many to pick from. I love them all. I really like the Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Red and Pink Hair Clippie. So cute…

  16. Melissa

    I currently own some clips from her shop. Me and my daughter love them. I’m a fan. My favorite is the sock monkey and Hello Kitty.

  17. Ashley

    I <3 Hello Kitty!! Also the colorful zebra daisey, & the
    scrumptious pink & chocolate brown flower & cupcake!

  18. jessica bennett

    I love the cupcakes and ice cream clippies! So adorable! Maybe show that the clips can also clip onto the headbands, my one and a half yr old daughter doesn’t have much hair for clips, so the headbands would be so cute with the different clippies on them rather then just flowers! :)

  19. Karen Desrosiers

    It was hard to pick just one, but I LOVED the “Scrumptious Pink and Chocolate Brown Flower and Cupcake Hair Clips Set of 3 Brown Ribbon”!!!!
    A great addition would that I would love to see is a cupcake/first birthday combination. A hair clip with a cupcake that has a “1” for a candle.


  20. Krystal

    Little Miss Sock Monkey Hair Clippie..
    I’m a huge Monkey fan though I also love the cupcakes :)

  21. Pamela

    well, i loved ALL of the cupcake clips…so hard to choose just one! but my 4yr old daughter sitting next to me love love loved the leopard valentine headband! :)

  22. Amanda

    They are ALL SO CUTE!

    I LOVE the cupcake sampler and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Miss Sock Monkey Hair Clippie

  23. Lauren Weitzel

    I LOVE her shop! The cupcakes, hearts, and birds are to die for! I think some other pastry items would be a cute addition! I hope I win, but even if I don’t, I will be sure to come back and buy a whole bunch!!

  24. Amber E

    I just love all the gingerbread men on her things! They are so adorable! I would love to see her make some fresh fruits for the summertime. Like watermelon slices and strawberries!

  25. Christie Brooks

    Omg I love the sock monkey hair clippie so stinkin cute. I would love to see magnets in the shop. My fridge is due for a makeover.

  26. Ellyssa

    My favorite is the Teal Leopard Animal Print Gerbera Daisy Flower Hair Clip so cute and fashionable! Maybe you could have custom orders? They would be a great addition to your shop! People would go nuts for custom orders! What about some headbands with delicious fruits on them! Like strawberrys and bananas! Watermelons! Peaches! Maybe you could have one with a smoothie on it! Anything sweet! You could have one with a sugar cookie on it! It could be pink with chocolate frosting and the sprinkles could be in the shape stars or hearts!

  27. Cami

    I absolutely love all the holiday clips. I received tons of compliments at Christmas time on my daughters’ santa and reindeer clips. How about intial letters… just one letter or a combo of 3… personalized to color choice!

  28. Ashley

    I am in love with the Scrumptious Pink and Chocolate Brown Flower and Cupcake Hair Clips Set of 3 Brown Ribbon! They are sooo adorable :) I would love to see some hot pink and black cupcakes clips!

  29. Tara A

    I love the Valentine clips- so sweet! I would also love to see some toggle headbands- there the only ones my girl will leave on.

  30. Jennifer McClung

    My favorite item on my wishlist is the Infant 3 to 12 month Baby Pink Crochet Beanie Kufi Hat with Brown & Pink Striped Boutique Bow Hairclip. My suggestion would be to add a lot more limegreen, hot pink and orange. Your items are precious for little girls but ages 3 to 6 would adore the brighter colors too ;) There are no limits to your creative ability for Nattie Cakes’. Thank YOU!

  31. Tiffany B.

    I love this seller! I love the sock monkey clip, and I would love to see some fruit clips for the summer, like strawberries!

  32. Ali

    I love the animal ones. They are so cute and this website is adorable and I love it. I think different ice cream flavors like a banana splits or even seasonal cupcakes would be cute. I really think ice cream would be fun! Especially different kind

  33. cupcake krystin

    One of my favorites is the Felt Turquoise and Yellow Chirpie Birdie Hair Clippie. It reminds me of Bluebirds of Happiness which is what I call my mom and little sister. My little sister is 8 years old and would love your items!! I think the Felt Deliciously Sweet Cupcake Purple Hyachinth and Brown Hair Clippie is perfectly adorable. I like that you offer clippies for different holidays also. I think offering initials or names on your items would be a great addition to your shop.

  34. Miranda

    I love these clips! My daughter will go nuts for all of them. I really like how nicely presented the clips are with the heavy card stock behind it. They would make great baby shower gift tags! My favorite is the “Lucky Green” Shamrock. My one suggestion would be to make some princess crown clips with sparkling rhinestones.

  35. Judy R

    I love the Hello Kitty ones and so would by granddaughter

  36. Leslie

    After looking on this site, I will definitely place an order in the near future. My daughter loves kitty cats, so the Hello Kitty clips are perfect for her. I would love to see some beach themed clips with a beach umbrella, bathing suit or flip flops. If possible, maybe have some coordinating tutus to match the clips.

  37. dany

    i loooooooooove all the different cupcake clips, it was hard to pick just one. the sequined minnie mouse clips are my favs, though. they are absoluetly adorable. the leopard print rose headband was also super cute! i love all your items! i think that intial clips would be a great addition. in different fonts and colors; i know i’d buy some! also cute bows with numbers that would make the birthday girl look extra special on her big day!

  38. AmandaJ

    I. Was all about the cupcake barrettes until I saw the frog! Soooo cute. My 3 yr. Old loves frogs. I think it would be cute to add more cartoon character stuff. So many kids love that.

  39. Elizabeth

    Felt Turqoise and Yellow Chirpie Birdie Hair Clippie….Sooo cute. I think blinged out cupcakes with rhinestones as sprinkles would be adorable

  40. Alessandra

    I loved the pretty in pink minnie mouse sequined clip! I think it would be really cute to add candy clips with bling or glitter.

  41. crazy bunny lady

    I am loving the chocolate cupcake barrettes! I really like the hello Kitty and Owl barrettes too.

    I think I’d like some really cute bunny barrettes in white, brown, and black and white to match my bunnies!

  42. Miranda C.

    I can honestly see myself wearing that adorible pink turtle clip! It’s absolutely stunning,cute and very funny to me for some reason! I might just go buy it anyway!:)

  43. Alicia Donahue

    I love everything. Including the hello kitty clips! I think she would have teapots and cups for a tea party theme.

  44. Melissa

    My favorite is the infant 3 to 12 Months Hot Pink Crochet Beanie Kufi Hat With Gerbera Daisy Flower Hair Clip. Super Cute!

    I think that you should add pony tail bands to your collection.

  45. Sourkraut

    I love all of the cupcake stuff but my favorite’s the Little Miss Sock Monkey Hair Clippie.

  46. Kathryn Camarillo

    I love the green St Patricks day posey hair clippie! It is super cute!!

  47. Ami

    I love the “Spring Easter Chocolate Brown With Turquoise Blue Stripes Boutique Bow Hair Clip Barrette with Turquoise Blue Crochet Headband” (thank goodness for copy and paste:) the blue is such a pretty shade and the ribbon reminds me of something off a fancy chocolate box. i think she should add scrunchies to her store.

  48. Kyla

    My favorite is the Scrumptious Pink and Chocolate Brown Flower and Cupcake Hair Clips.. I would use them myself. I loved all the beanies but they are too small for my head..if they were in adult sizes that would be great I would love to buy them in my size… (thats my idea)

  49. Angie Schmucker

    I love the cupcake and bird clips the most! As a new cake and cupcake designer, I have fallen in love with all the adorable cupcake items you can find out there! Having a 3 year old little girl makes me even more excited about these adorable cupcake clippies! One idea I think would be cute is to come up with some “ladybug” items! Ladybugs are super cute and in for little girls and parties! I recently did a ladybug cake that came out so cute… You can find it on facebook at: lil sweet cakes or on my website
    Thanks for sharing these adorable clips and super fun business!

  50. Angie Schmucker

    Oh and I almost forgot… Anything “piggy” would be cute! My three your old loves pigs! We look for cute piggy items wherever we go… But It’s hard to find pig clippies! “Piggy Clippies” would be amazing!

  51. Christy

    I absolutly LOVE the pink &chocolate brown flower & cupcake hair clips-set of 3! AMAZING!! I think headbands that you can clip the pieces onto so you can change them out plus A LOT of little ones have hair issues, lol! That way ALL can have these with No problems,, amazing stuff!!

  52. aja the cupcake destroy

    Red Valentine Heart Hair Clippies Set of 2 & Felt Deliciously Sweet Cupcake Pink Polka Dots Hair Clippie would look awesome in my hair on my valentines day/lolita themed photo shoot. I have some ideas of cute hair clippies to add to your already cute collection: colored elephants, candy, peppermint swirls, cutesy skulls with bows, big eyed kitty’s glittery bats, watermellon slices, fishes, and roses. I can go on all day XD Gimme please, Have a sweet day and keep up the good work! ^_^

  53. Evelyn

    I LOVE the animals clips! They are soo cute and I love the color choices. They are fun and add a little optimism to the day. I also like the little sparkles you find on them. I think some ear warmers and gloves with cute embellishments would be a fun addition to her merchandise!

  54. Giulia

    I love every single item, they’re all adorable!!
    My favourite at the moment is “Felt Deliciously Sweet Cupcake Brown and Pink Dots Hair Clippie”, but I had a hard time picking just one(:

  55. Marci

    OMG, too cute!! I LOVE all of the cupcake clips. Actually everything she has is adorable. How about a hat with a cupcake instead of a flower ????

  56. Vanessa Talamantes

    I love love the minnie mouse clips, i adore her and so does my neice! I also love all the cupcakes and the little birds are adorable! I believe scarves would be a great addition to this store especially along side the hats/beanies.

  57. casey beruete

    I love them all, it is so hard to pick just one, the ones that stood out to me as loving, were the cupcake ones and the Hello Kitty ones for sure! Very talented for sure!

  58. Amanda D

    I loved her red felt valentine’s heart clippies! Super cuteness.

    I wonder if she would carry tights???

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