How Cupcakes Became America’s Favorite

By on January 12th, 2011 . Filed under: Bakeries, Press .


I’ll admit, I’m not usually one to read the business news, but yesterday, an article in Business Insider caught my attention. (Or maybe it was the picture.) The article, Here’s How Cupcakes Became America’s Favorite Sweet Treat, could also be called “Cupcake Fairytale” or “The Cupcake’s Meteoric Rise to the Top.” The engrossing article highlights some of America’s favorite cupcakeries, and looks at the rise of the cupcake from a business perspective. What shocked me were the dollar signs. I tend to take life one cupcake at a time, taking the time to stop and smell the cupcakes, if you will, but this article taught me that for some people: cupcakes is big business!

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