Cupcake Lamp

By on January 10th, 2011 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas, Home Decor, Kids .

I have been to Target more times in the past few days then I would like to admit.  On one of my many trips I found this cupcake lamp that would be perfect for a little girls’ room! I think it’s cute that the cupcake looks like it it sitting on a plate.  I also like that it is somewhat simple with pink ric-rack along the top and bottom of the lamp shade.  Brown and pink are such popular colors right now that it’s easy to match other pieces to this lamp. The table lamp costs $99.99 and might be eligible for free shipping.

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2 Responses to Cupcake Lamp

  1. Kell

    from target! sweet!

  2. Heaven

    Whoa take that comma out of the price! I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it until I clicked the link.

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