DIY Cupcake Delivery Box

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I am continually looking for ways to display and deliver cupcakes.  When giving cupcakes as a gift I like something that is covered to protect the cupcakes which is why I like these cupcake delivery boxes created by Simply Modern Mom.  These do-it-yourself boxes are made out of card stock.  Although she suggests using something a bit sturdier to support the cupcakes, now that she has tested out the boxes. To make the boxes you will also need to download the box and divider templates.  The rest of the directions can be found below.

1. View or print the cupcake box pattern. It is in PDF format and it will print on 12 x 12 inch paper. So the easiest thing to do if you are printing it would be to have it print on the wrong side of your cardstock you are using. If your printer doesn’t have the capacity to print 12 x 12 inches then using a ruler, draw a line 2-inches from the edge on each side of the cardstock. And follow the instructions on the pattern.

2. Follow the instructions on the pattern. Fold all the dotted lines and cut where there are solid lines. Once you cut the corner tabs, glue the tabs onto the inside of the sides of the box.

3. Place the 8 x 8 inch cardboard at the bottom of the box then place the cupcakes on top of the cardboard. If you want to make the bottom of the box look nicer, you can place a 8 x 8 inch doily or printed carstock over the cardboard. You can fit 9 regular size cupcakes in one box.

4. This is an optional step to make a lid for the box. Use a second sheet of 12 x 12 inch carstock. Cut 1/16-inch off 2 adjacent sides. Then using a ruler, draw a line 2-inches from each edge of the paper. Then repeat step #2 to finish the lid. If you are using a lid for your box, your cupcakes with frosting on top must be 2-inches or shorter or else the lid will smash your frosting.

5. This is another optional step. If you are concerned about your cupcakes sliding around inside the box, then you can make dividers. Download and print the cupcake box dividers pattern onto 12 x 12 inch cardstock paper. Follow the instructions on the pattern to cut out the 6 strips of dividers and its grooves. Then put together the dividers like a square grid with 3 strips of dividers with the grooves facing up and 3 strips of dividers with the grooves facing down.

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  1. Kell

    Cute for kids to carry to school for birthdays

  2. Antonia

    I did a box for one cupcake. Very easy. Have a look if you want.

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