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Cupcake Crafts

By on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Now it is no secret that your ATC contributors are totally and completely obsessed with cupcakes but I have to admit another obsession in my life: crafts.  And cupcake crafts?  Well, they are what I dream about at night!  I love making polymer clay cupcakes, crocheted cupcakes, soap cupcakes, fabric cupcakes, felt cupcakes and so many more than I need not admit too.  So this week I thought I might share what some of my next cupcake craft projects might be.  Click on the links to find the tutorial for each craft.  


Cupcake Washcloths

How adorable would these be for a baby shower?  And if you haven’t seen the diaper cupcakes yet, you must click here!  So stinkin’ cute!




 Cupcake Ornaments

Perfect week to craft these cuppies.  I can picture my whole Christmas tree decorated with them!  What a sight that would be…








 Pin the Candle on the Cupcake  Game

Why didn’t I see this before I had my daughter’s cupcake birthday party?  Argh!  You could also make a pink or blue one and it would be a perfect baby shower game too.   Or maybe make a red and green one for a holiday party?  The possibilities are endless!






Feel free to leave a link to your favorite DIY cupcake in the comment area below too.

Sweet little elf cupcakes

By on Monday, December 20th, 2010

How adorable is this funky Merry Christmas cupcake from Bake Happy?  I love it!  You have to read her post to find out why there is a little elf stuck in a Santa sack full of presents, but when she explains it, ya kinda do find yourself nodding along!

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

By on Sunday, December 19th, 2010

On this chilly December night these hot chocolate cupcakes sound perfect!  This cupcake recipe is courtesy of Babble, a website for parents.  Naturally I love that the cupcakes are baked in mugs and actually look like a cup of hot chocolate!

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Amazing Megamind Cupcake Mural

By on Saturday, December 18th, 2010

If you ever have thought of making a cupcake mural then visiting Project Core Connect could be a valuable experience!  Although Cake Crumbs (the bakery involved) had never done such a mural before they relished the opportunity to be involved with creating a distracting large mural of Megamind for Denver’s Rock N Roll Marathon.

Now this mural isn’t your ordinary 50 – 100 cupcake picture, no, it required a WHOPPING 1000 cupcakes to create, had to be done on an angle and constructed through the night outside in the cold!  It is certainly a test of endurance.

From the images you get an idea of the scale of this amazing cupcake creation!

The Best Ever Christmas Decoration

By on Friday, December 17th, 2010

Sometimes it is just down right unfair that I live in Australia and most of you live in America!  Otherwise I would have this little baby hanging on my Christmas tree for sure!

Apparently Hallmark started off creating miniatures in 1974 and many of those are now highly sort after collectors items.

This mixing bowl is the latest release for 2010 and will no doubt also become a collectors item some day.  You can pick these up from many stores (in America) and online by doing a search for Hallmark Merry Miniatures Mixer.

The bowl moves and says “Mixing up some holiday fun”.

My Etsy Cupcake Christmas List!

By on Thursday, December 16th, 2010

So by now we should have all handed in our Christmas list to the ‘Santa’ in our life, but as I was parousing Etsy the other day for cupcake items I saw so many more things I wanted to add to my list. So here it is, My Esty Cupcake Christmas List — (CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE ITEM)

Cupcakes Print (give cupcakes or I eat your face)

Baking Is Sexy Necklace

Coffee Cup Sleeve for Cupcake Lovers

Sweet Cupcake Necklace

pink cupcake tea towel hand printed

Pink Frosting Perfume

Make your own Christmas bauble cupcakes

By on Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Have you always wanted to make ‘WOW’ cupcakes but are not sure where to start?  Well Cupcake Envy now have the answer in their latest DVD which takes you through the entire process on how to make your own bauble cupcakes.  Actually it teaches you how to make sphere shaped cakelet  designs, which really means you will be able to make baubles, hand grenades, tennis balls, basket balls, planets and anything else that is round!

I just love these, though they are so good I would love to hang them on my Christmas tree… it seems a bit wrong to just, well… eat them!