Mini Cupcake Triffles

By on December 26th, 2010 . Filed under: Holidays, Recipes .

So you dazzled them with your cupcakes on Christmas day and now you need to come up with something new, something not so cupcakey, so how about a mini cupcake triffle?

These cupcake triffles are from Courtney’s Sweets blog and I found them when surfing the web to find a way to turn my unfrosted excess cupcakes into something ‘unique’ for a dinner party we are having tonight.  So this is the perfect recipe, but I have one recipe addition, alcohol (for the adults), it is a dinner party after all and the kiddies want more cupcakes!  So I will add Baileys to some, Kahlua to some and this orange liquor we have to some others.  To identify each, I’ll add a chocolate chip, a coffee bean or a Jaffa!  Totally sorted!

Happy Boxing Day!

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