Mince pie pops!

By on December 22nd, 2010 . Filed under: Holidays .

Move over cakepops, mince pies want a piece of the stick!

Ha!  I love these, actually when trying to come up with a heading for the post I originally typed Mince Poppies, but thought it gave the wrong message and transposed it!

I have excellent news, one of my fave bloggers is back doing that which she does best, baking and blogging!  The Lone Baker is back and whipping up a Christmas flurry of flour and fruit!  There is so many good things on her website and interesting techniques, that it is often hard to choose what to feature, but today I had no doubt, it had to be these!

So not really a cake, but who doesn’t love a mini mince pie at Christmas?  And when cooked on a stick in the shape of a star?

Want to find out how to make them?  Full recipe and photo instructions are available on her website!

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